Janelle and Jorge

How We Met

Jorge and I met almost 8 years ago because we both shared a passion for race cars. I was selling a pair of sparco seats and he inquired for more pictures of the seats. I asked him to please check out an album on my Myspace account. We started talking about more than race seats after that. Eventually Jorge would ask me to lunch and the rest is history! We were basically inseparable after that.

how they asked

Jorge and I moved to Rutland, VT about two years into our relationship to be closer to my family. I had a little brother and I didn’t want to miss his childhood and all the important milestones, like prom as he grew up. We both loved Vermont and would spend hours looking at houses and dreaming about owning our own home together. Eventually that dream would come true, and I knew there was only one thing missing. I had been sure for over 7 years at this point that Jorge was the one I wanted to spend forever with.

To celebrate our anniversaries we would travel to Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine every year with our dog. This resort is great with dogs and on a private beach, so we would love to just go an relax while our pup got to play with the waves of the ocean. On our anniversary in 2015, we were unable to go due to work schedules. Luckily for us, we ended up getting sometime to celebrate in December and decided to drop everything and go for the weekend. The weather was beautiful and very unlikely for December in Maine. Sunny and about 60 degrees! The night before we had won a gas card from our favorite restaurant, and the resort gave us a last minuet rate discount. I kept joking that all the stars were aligning for us to take this trip!

Once we got there our room was ready and we made ourselves at home. Went out to the beach and played Frisbee with our pup for a while and then had dinner at an amazing hibachi restaurant in Portland. When we were done we walked around Portland and looked at all the Christmas lights. The night was full of romance and I couldn’t be any happier. When we got back to the hotel Jorge told me he wanted to take family photos by the lounge fire place. We went down and he set up cameras on tripods and we took some great pics by the tree. I had no idea, but this was when the proposal was supposed to happen! BUT the resort employee never came and brought the stuff to make it happen. I had no idea and just thought Jorge was being extra weird. We were sitting next to a fire, he was sweating, but wouldn’t take off his coat (the ring was in the coat pocket) LOL We ended up going back to the room and calling it a night.

The next morning Jorge woke me and asked if I wanted to watch the sunrise and walk on the beach. Well YES, of course I do! It was BEAUTIFUL! He said we should get some more family pics by the beach so he set up those cameras on tripods again and we started to play Frisbee with the dog. I just assumed the cameras were off and we would take the pictures in a few minuets. Suddenly, Jorge yelled to me ” did you see this cut on her leg” he was talking about our dog….I ran in a panic thinking she had cut herself on a seashell or something. As soon as I got there I said ” I don’t see a cut” and turned to look at Jorge where he was on one knee with tears in his eyes. He was holding the most beautiful ring in a ring box and I lost it! I swear the world froze around us in that moment. Almost 8 years by now that I had waited for this moment and here it was, in front of me and real. So real. I will never forget the words he said to me that day, or how wonderful I felt. A dream come true for sure.

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