Janelle and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I first met way back when we were little 9-year-olds at a teensy Lutheran school in southern Idaho. He is convinced I punched him on the playground, and I have been trying to convince him I had a crush on him! We were classmates for a few years until we both eventually transferred to nearby schools. Our families were both in the dairy industry and also loved the Lord, so church, dairy connections, and the gym allowed our paths to cross occasionally over the years.

I started getting my nails done by Jeremy’s older sister, Krista, a few years ago. One day I asked her why her brother (Jeremy) had blocked me on Facebook. I couldn’t fathom what I had done to warrant such a social “stiff-arming”. Krista was aghast and put Jeremy on speaker-phone right then. I was mortified! But the conversation was light-hearted and it was fun to chat with him, even just for a couple minutes. We began our Facebook “friendship” that day, which would end up being playing a key role in our relationship down the road!

Because of my sweet friendship with her, Krista was privy to my relationship woes as I would vent to her during my appointments. Eventually, the timing of one of my ridiculous “man” stories aligned with some information she had about her brother’s relationship status, and she said matter-of-factly, “You should date my brother.” I laughingly agreed, not knowing how that could/would even happen because I rarely ran into him at that point. Then one of his younger sisters, Cara, was at the salon one day and casually said the same thing – “You should date my brother.” Regardless of whether Jeremy & I actually did date, those words meant a lot to me because I knew how close their family was. So that made an impression.

Fast forward a few months to one evening in the middle of December of 2015. I get a notification from Facebook Messenger. And it was Jeremy! I had actually been in the middle of a (superficial) text conversation with one of his friends when he sarcastically asked if I would kindly make my texts longer because he was unable to hear the show they were watching due to the incessant notifications of his buddy’s phone. That was all it took – our virtual conversations quickly became the highlight of my days. We would “chat” all throughout the day, every day, late into the the night. I remember laughing so hard and realizing how similar our convictions, ideals, and sense of humor were. We would go “from gangsta to God” in the same paragraph. It was unlike anything I had experienced before.

I ended up asking Jeremy out first…TWICE. Once for drinks and just to catch up after so many years, and once to be my date to a local place that puts on the most amazing Christmas light display. Lucky for me, he said yes…twice.

how they asked

There is a remarkable restaurant called The Roundhouse in Sun Valley, which is about a 1.5-hour drive for us. I have been wanting to experience dinner there for years but reservations can be hard to come by and winter in Idaho can be brutal so it had never worked out. Around the middle of November 2016, I decided to check into reservations and managed to snag one for over a month later. I was clueless at the time but sweet Jeremy pointed out that it happened to be right at our 1-year anniversary date. There was no denying the timing of that reservation couldn’t have been more perfect.

After our month-long wait, it was finally the day! We had planned on going to Sun Valley early to give us time to walk around and take in the sights. During our drive up, Jeremy was on his phone a bit more than usual, but chalked it up to his mom asking if we were safe because the weather wasn’t that great.

It was the town’s tree-lighting ceremony that night so music was being pumped through the little shopping village, thousands of lights sparkled, children were visiting with Santa, and artists were carving beautiful sculptures out of ice. It was also absolutely freezing: a whopping 2 degrees when we got there. But I was so distracted by all the festivities that it didn’t really matter.

I was walking around snapping pictures and taking video like a tourist (despite having been there before), and Jeremy sweetly followed me all around the village, letting me “fan-girl” about the whole situation. He was still on his phone quite a bit but all the sparkling lights offered an adequate distraction for me.

After we had walked through the village, we were going to head to the lodge so I could show him the sun carved out of snow, but he offered an alternative route. Shortly after heading down the path, Jeremy turned me so I could face him and said, “There’s something I need to talk to you about.” My head started spinning and my heart stopped all in the same moment as I realized what was happening and tried to cling to every sweet thing he said.

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Then suddenly he was down on one knee saying the four most incredible words and I was jumping up and down shouting, “Yes! Yes of course!” while simultaneously trying to kiss his face!

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It was then I noticed bright flashes coming from down the path a little ways. I looked over to find Jeremy’s mom capturing the whole thing! She had driven up early just to be there for our special moment! I am more grateful for words that she was willing to do that and, in doing so, give us memories to treasure forever!

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