Janelle and Gaetano

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How We Met

What is fate? Some people believe, some choose not to. I, like any girl, would hope at times that fate truly existed but was never one to firmly believe in such a fantasy to be honest. Until one day, everything that had ever happened in my life leading up to that very special moment in time, suddenly made sense to me.

Little did I know at only five years old that I was sitting at church no more than few rows in front of the man who stands in front of me today as my future husband. We instantly became childhood sweethearts seeing each other at church every weekend!

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As we grew older we became great friends and even had our first kiss on his birthday in high school. With college and other life changes, we continued for many years with only our life long friendship.

But as fate would have it, jobs brought us back home and within a year of moving back I knew I had to make him mine. On a white water rafting trip to the Poconos this past summer, we shared the most memorable day together as if we’d never been apart.

It was on this very special day that I realized everything in my life had lead me to this very moment. Four months after, he got down one knee and asked me to be his wife!

how they asked

It was our first holiday together-Thanksgiving! We traveled down to my aunt and uncle’s house in Falling Waters, WV.

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That day he met the majority of my extended family for the first time. We sat down for Thanksgiving lunch shortly after arrival, followed by lots of pumpkin pie and couch lounging.

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By mid afternoon my dad announced that we were going to do family photos with everyone outside. We went out and were in awe of the country view with the clouds breaking and sun slightly peaking through. My dad went through sibling photos, cousin photos, and then said he wanted to do a few of us. The next thing I know, he is turning and getting down on one knee and I could not believe it was happening!

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All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins ran up surrounding us cheering for us and filled with tears of joy.

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As he held my hand, he said “didn’t I tell you on our first date that I was going to marry you?”

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Saying yes was the easiest decision I have ever had to make!

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