Janelle and David

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How We Met

David and I first met in the Winter of 2014, right before Christmas. I had attended his church with hopes of finding a new church home. One of my college friends (who is actually David’s best friend, Manny), attended that church as well and wanted David and I to meet. Manny told him: “I think this is the perfect girl for you.” David told me, he was so interested to meet me, he rushed from work that night, but by the time he got there, I was already gone. Days went by before I received a message from him. We immediately hit it off and began texting constantly. Right around this time, I realized I had met David before. Although we both didn’t know it, we attended church camp together as kids. My brother was able to find photos of us together totally unaware of each other’s existence. I had also met David that summer when we both went fishing with some of our mutual friends. I remember picking him out of the crowd being immediately attracted to him.

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He too said he was interested in me but thought I was with someone else. After about a month of spending practically every day together, we decided to start dating – and it’s been the best days of our lives ever since. David and I have always had a very open relationship where we talk about our wishes, desires, plans, and goals often. We knew we wanted to be together forever very early on in our relationship. After David hinted that a proposal was in the making on New Year’s Eve a year or so ago, I was more than excited to move on to the next step in our relationship. In that next year, I was finishing my RN degree and taking the NCLEX, and David was going into the Washington State Patrol Academy to become a WSP Trooper. We went from having frequent communication and dates to a long distance relationship for 8 months.

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It was all going to be worth it once we were together again, set in our careers, and ready to concur life. Weeks before David was supposed to come back home to work in Seattle, he found out that his assignment was changed to work in Ellensburg, Washington. When he called me that night, we were both in tears, knowing that if he moved away he wouldn’t be able to come back to Seattle for another 6 months. If not the entire time he was gone, but that weekend, we felt immense gratefulness for the time we had together, knowing it would soon run out. Early the next week, his coach was able to pull a few strings to have him trade assignments to work in Seattle (which is normally not allowed.) It was a miracle! His graduation from the academy was that much sweeter knowing he made it and he’s coming home to me!

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Since the moment he got back, I was doing my nails, picking out outfits, and thinking all about what our wedding could be like. I was waiting for a proposal and he was preparing for the perfect moment. David has never been able to surprise me because I always seem to catch on to what he’s doing. He wanted this to be the ultimate surprise – and boy did he accomplish that. For months he kept his phone messages a secret and I chased him around his apartment begging him for details. In the end, it was all worth the wait.

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how they asked

The day of our engagement, was just any old day off we had together. We did some errands and shopping together. David had reminded me weeks prior that tonight was his sergeant’s birthday party in downtown Seattle. We had picked up a gift for him a couple days prior – an extra set of handcuffs – and wrapped it in a Star Wars themed bag (his favorite). David and I were both getting ready, David walked in the bathroom in his nice button up shirt and jacket. I remember saying to him “I think you’re a little too dressed up! It’s just a birthday party!” I hadn’t brought fancy clothes dress up in, so a long sleeve T-shirt and jeans was going to have to do the job. On the way to the party, David’s friend D’Anthony from work called asking if we were close – he had already arrived and was waiting for us to show up. This phone call seemed so realistic and genuine at the time! We arrived, parked, and walked to the front of a quaint little art studio.

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We got buzzed in, we walked down a long hallway, and traveled up an elevator that felt like it traveled a hundred floors. The elevator doors open to a pitch black room with faint music playing in the background. I was instantly confused, wondering “What kind of party is this? Where are we?” We stepped out and the elevator doors closed behind us. I look to David who smiles down at me and starts ripping open Sarge’s Star Wars bag. My heart dropped into my stomach – Is this the moment?! David pulls out a ring box, grabs my hand, and walks me down a long hallway lead by twinkling lights and flower pedals. Those next few moments leading up to David asking “Will you marry me?” and my heart screaming “Yes!” are a complete blur.

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Filled with excitement, the lights come on and I see our best friends – Tabitha and her husband Aleksey in this gorgeous Seattle penthouse! They helped David make this night so perfect and special for us. The penthouse proposal was a success and I am so excited to call David my future hubby! David thought of every little detail for our engagement. From the photos to the props, the decor, and the venue! Did I mention that he bought me a 20$ bottle of nail polish because he knew my gel nails had just started chipping that morning? He knows my heart too well and he went above and beyond to make that moment the happiest moment of my life – thus far. The best part is I’M ENGAGED TO MY BEST FRIEND!

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Special Thanks

Tabitha Koshman
 | Planning
James Allen
 | Ring