Janelle and Chris

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How We Met

About 9 years ago my best friend and I wanted to throw a New Years Eve party. Of course there was only one problem.. We had no one to buy the beer! Luckily my bestie was able to convince her cousin to drive down from college to do the beer buying. Little did I know the cute college goer was going to be the man of my dreams. We spent the night making eyes at each other, flirting a little, and playing beer pong.

Sadly though, it was miscommunicated to Chris that I was taken. (Bummer) Cause I really wanted this USC hottie to ask me out!

Luckily I am extremely close to my best friends family (and with the help of Facebook) Chris and I never lost touch. Even after he moved to the east coast, we always managed to stay in contact, for 8 years.

Then the life changing moment that brought us together happened. Sadly Chris’s mom was diagnosed with cancer late last year. My bestie was in town saying her goodbyes to her aunt and I, of course, was around to offer my support. After Chris’s mom passed in December I sent my condolences to Chris (of course on Facebook).

Three months after that email Chris and I (finally) had our first date.

how they asked

Chris proposed to me after only 4 months of dating. After 8 years of friendship, I guess it’s safe to say we knew it was right. He had an romantic proposal planned with candles on the beach. Then the rain set it. At first he was determined to go with the original plan, but then the lightning set it. Avoiding death on the day of our proposal, we took shelter on his parents front porch. Chris handed me a bottle, inside was a letter explaining why he chose me. Then he got down on one knee, I was so excited, I screamed “YES!” Before he actually asked.

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