Janelle and Bryan

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How We Met

During the late spring, early summer of 2010. My sister came into my bedroom telling me about the son of someone in her Networking group. She insisted on showing me this guy’s Facebook picture. I looked, thought he was cute, but I did not want to date anyone right before going away to college.

2 years later, I had moved home, was going to a local college and my Mom tells me about how a couple in their small group through church was having a Post-Christmas Party (THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST CLUE – who has a Post-Christmas party?!). She asks me to request the evening off of work for the 26th so I could go too. I give her a half enthused yes and sort of mentioned it to my boss.

2 weeks later, I got my schedule for the week and I see that I am working the evening of the 26th, so I call my mom on my lunch break to let her know I was scheduled to work and could not go. She then yelled “GET THE NIGHT OFF” and then promptly hung up on me. I walk over to my boss and told him what happened. He laughs and says “You are getting set up! I am going to change the schedule because I want you to go and then tell me if I am right”.

That night when I got home I let my mom know about getting my schedule switched. I ask her who was going to be there and she starts listing off some of the people who will be there. I look at her and ask who are the single people that will be there. Come to find out that its 3 couples, and then Bryan and myself – the only 2 single people at the party.

The night of the party comes and I refused to talk to him or look at him – which was hard because he is so cute! The end of the night starts to come near and everyone is sitting at the dining room table and ignoring Bryan and I and so we start talking.

Fast forward a couple days and I have managed to find Bryan on Facebook, done a thorough stalking and realized he was the same guy my sister had shown me a couple years before. I added him as a friend and about a week later he messaged me and the rest is history.

I guess sometimes your Family does know best. :)

how they asked

4 years after we started dating we decided to go on a vacation to Maui. The first day there I was trying to convince Bryan to go swimming with me in the Bay, with every invite declined. he asked me to go on a walk along the sea in Napili Bay, around lunchtime, where he had gone with his family for years on vacation. He stopped us at a spot that overlooked the Bay and asked a random woman to take some photos of us.

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After a few photos, he asked the woman to take a video. I still had no idea what was going on even after Bryan got down on one knee. He pulled out the ring with his Great Grandmother stone in it and asked me if I would marry him. To be honest, I do not remember a single word he said except one line “We have been waiting a long time for this moment” the next thing I remember was hearing the phrase “Marry Me”.

Obviously, I said yes! :)