Janell and Wayne

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How We Met

Janell and I had the pleasure of meeting one another in April of 2007 in Baton Rouge, LA. We became friends only at that point but there was an initial connection. We however didn’t have the pleasure of re-introducing ourselves again to one another until 2012. It was the homecoming weekend for LSU. We actually became quite flattered to see one another on a Friday of that weekend and played catch-up with one another at a party that evening. At that party I said these exact words “I’m going to marry you”. About 2 months later I received a job offer in Houston, TX, where she was already residing. I moved to Houston on my own and began settlement here within my career field. We begin taking our time getting to know one another and learning each other’s adaptations after the time and growth changes we both had endured since 2007. And honestly the rest is history.

how they asked

Well…Where do I begin? I knew 6-8 months prior to asking that she would definitely be my last girlfriend. Her upbringing, her qualities, her poise, her style, her etiquette, and most importantly the standard she placed for me to meet. As time passed I begin to slowly gain knowledge of rings she really loved. Her advice was something rose gold with a halo or two. After months of finding the perfect ring I found it at Zales near my home in North Houston. Once I found the ring I immediately reach out to her father and let him know that I wanted to have ‘that talk’ with him. I drove to Baton Rouge on a weekend she was out of town with her sister. Her father and I had brunch and I asked him for his daughters hand in marriage and most importantly his blessing. I took my time with planning because I wanted it to be perfect and not rushed. I knew I wanted our parents there and it all to be a complete surprise. After many searches I finally discovered the location. The Houston Water Wall is such a beautiful park. The architecture alone is quite mesmerizing. Once the location was found I begin to dream of the minor but major details. I sought photography / videography. I came across a highly talented gifted individual by the name of Jay Clark on Instagram. Once I saw his work I knew he was the guy to capture this moment. I knew I wanted the parents tucked away in a limo. I knew I wanted to give 100 white roses and the weather conditions to be cold but beautiful. On a random Saturday I told her to get dressed in an outfit I had planned for her to wear months ago. I picked her up and decided to go see the majestic beauty of the water wall. I parked my car in the garage and we walked hand in hand along the walk-way headed to the Water Wall. Once we entered the corridors of the Water Wall I sent a message to the family to get out of the limo. Seconds later I told Janell to close her eyes while I spoke softly to her. As the parents and her sister snuck into position, I grabbed her hand got down on one knee. I asked her to open her eyes and the tears begin to flow and so did my words.

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Special Thanks

Jay Clark
 | Photographer
Stefnee Watkins
 | Proposal Prop Signs