Janell and Bryan

Where to Propose in Houston zoo

How We Met

We met through mutual friends. We would talk on and off for a while. At the time he just graduated high school and I was going onto my senior year in high school. We started dating towards the end of my senior year. Even when I went off to college in a different town he would still drive to see me for the weekend.

how they asked

We went to the Houston zoo lights with his brother and girlfriend. I thought typical double date I had no idea. We went inside saw all the lights around the zoo took a couple pictures and as soon as we were done looking at all the lights. Bryan says ” let’s take a picture over here.” I go along with it. As so as we we’re posing for the picture he looks at me and tells me he loves me. I tell him I love him too. He had a smile from ear to ear and then he said ” I have to ask you something..” and that when he got on his knee and proposed. I didn’t hear the music in the background, I didn’t hear the crowd aw or clap or anything it was as if it was only him and I there.