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How We Met

We are high school sweethearts as of January 16, 2013! And we are each others’ first loves <3

It actually started when he went to me on the bus one day (I was really quiet and shy) and he asked to sit with me. We had mutual friends, so I knew of him but I never intended on being friends with him like that. He asked me questions like “How’s high school so far?” “Are you going to join any sports?” (It’s crazy because I remember that very moment and his exact questions). Since I was so shy and quiet, I answered his questions with very dry responses and popped my headphones back in. After that, we didn’t really talk much until after my mom started to get better. (At the beginning of my freshman year, there were some problems at home like my mom being in the hospital for Tuberculosis).

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After she got better, that was when I became friends with Hieu. During that time, It was a very hard time in my life emotionally. I felt so depressed and even tried to commit suicide. I have been to the hospital many times and have even seen a therapist. My mentality back then was far from good and I have been working on it since then.. (Proud to say but I don’t think of it at all now!)

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. He saved me and picked me up at the lowest of my low. I’ve had depression and anxiety for about 4 years now and I could not be in a better place now. We have come so far… we have grown from teens to adults. I can’t even imagine who I would turn out to be or where I would be if I didn’t meet him. He was my light at the end of my tunnel. Hieu was there for EVERYTHING!

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Hieu is 2 years older than me and when he graduated high school, he wanted to become a Marine. And that is what he did. I supported him throughout everything, even though it hurt being apart from him. When he went to boot camp, I would write to him every single day and prayed that he was okay. Letters were the only sort of communication we had between us for 3 WHOLE months! Once he graduated from boot camp, he had one week to be back at home but then he had to leave again! This time, he had to be in Missouri. We were basically long distance for a little under 1 year! After that, he came back as a Marine Reservist. He goes to Drill once, every month and worked at the Walmart TLE (car shop).

His parents got a divorce and that led to a lot of stress on him. We have had ALOT of arguments and FIGHTS for the past 5 years we have been together, but at the end of every fight, we come back to each other. I truly believe we are connected and are meant for each other.

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Then a year ago, he decided to go in the electrician field. He is now an apprentice of an electric company and is now in trade school. BUT just as of recently, we decided to switch to the Army branch and he will continue his electrical education there. (It is still in the process, we haven’t told anyone besides my cousin because it is a pretty long process). I believe that God opened so many paths and opportunities for us for a reason. I actually found out a week ago that I was rejected from Nursing school. Our original plan was that I would finish school here if I got accepted and if he got stationed somewhere else, I would just go follow him after I graduate. But since I did get rejected… It seems like God is leading a different path for us. We are keeping our faith in him and his path for the both of us. Personally, I’m not used to change but I am open to new doors opening when others get closed. I am so ready to marry him!! Everything is changing around us, but my love won’t change for him. That’s going to be the one thing we will hold onto no matter where or what path we end up taking.

As a couple, I believe we have been put through so much for a reason. It has made us stronger.

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how they asked

It was our 5 year anniversary, and he surprised me in the morning with breakfast and a box that said I was going on a scavenger hunt! During the whole day, my cousin (best friend) came along with me and drove us to our secret location. It was Maymont park and this led me ALL over the park to find roses with pictures of us and cute sayings on them with random letters. In the end, I had to close my eyes and it led to a little building on the lake. There, when I uncovered my eyes, Hieu was standing there with the last rose. I had to figure out what all the letters put together and once I figured it out, I looked up and there he was holding a sign. Then he knelt down on one knee and proposed!! It was so amazing and thoughtful!

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