Janee and Francis

how we met

We met at a comedy show that was held at Jazzbone nightclub.

how they asked

Lol, funny story so it was Christmas 2016 I was six and a half months pregnant with our son and on that day we had woke up got ready and I didn’t eat because I planned on eating at my dad’s house. Once we had got on the road I noticed he had started going the opposite way and he kept telling me that he had to make a stop. Being a woman pregnant and hungry I was beyond irritated and he had put into his GPS the name of the club we met at and I only found out because when we got closer it had said the name of a club. I then looked at him and ask him what was going on and he still kept saying the same thing that whatever he was getting was at this place. Once we arrived I started noticing how he was acting he asked me to get out of the car I said no due to being hungry instead of noticing what was really happening. And then pause for a second that’s when I got out of the car and I noticed him down on one knee and then he started getting tears in his eyes and I knew what was happening. From there he asked me to be his wife and it was something he been wanting to do for a long time and of course I said yes and cried I wasn’t sure if it was my hormones or if I was really excited. Just joking, I was excited.

Special Thanks

Titlow Park
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