Janee and Christopher

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How We Met

We actually met online, on a dating website. He sent the first message on Sept 23rd 2016 and we hit it off really well. We had our first date within a week after that and knew we were the one for each other. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

It was at our daughters 3rd Birthday party on Sept 9th, 2017. She was finishing up opening her gifts and there was “one more left”. So Chris gave her the sign and she held it up so all of our family and friends saw it. I hadn’t gotten a chance to see it so everyone told her to turn the sign around and show me. When she did and i read it I was kinda confused.

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I thought, “well of course I’ll marry your daddy, we’ve only been talking about it for months.” Then I turned and looked at him and he was on one knee with a ring box opened. Then I realized that it was really happening. And I of course said yes and started to tear up. I got up as quick as I could and went and hugged and kissed him.

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