Janee' and Adam

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How We Met

It all started almost 10 years ago… We met in High School & were best friends for a year. After that year, and both of us becoming single, we started to realize that we were beginning to have deeper feelings for one another. I was secretly telling a friend my feelings, but also about my fears of telling Adam & him not feeling the same way, and in turn ruining our friendship. I didn’t know it, but the same time Adam had been telling his friend the same thing. Living in Louisiana, we experience hurricane scares often. Well we had a pretty serious one heading our way which made us evacuate to different states with our families.. Hid family even considered the idea of moving to Atlanta. This fear of possibly never seeing each other again made us talk about the feelings each of us had been secretly having. He asked me to be his girlfriend the day he made it back to Louisiana! We had our share of struggles: people judging us, him joining the Air Force & leaving for months at a time. But everything we went through made us stronger! We built our first home together & moved in March of 2017 with our 2 pups!

This is our first ever picture together!

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And here’s prom, 2010!

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how they asked

Now fast forward almost 8 years later. Everyone had been giving Adam grief about what he was waiting for! But with 2 years of it being in high school, and 4 in college, it was understandable. And honestly, he picked the perfect time to finally ask. My Golden 24th Birthday was on August 24th. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my birthday. He paid for me to get my nails done, which immediately had me curious! But the night before my birthday, he gave me my present. It was a gift certificate to get a massage. I cannot lie, I was bummed! But little did I know, this wasn’t my real present. & he topped any gift that I have ever gotten. He had work the day of my birthday, and was being so odd on the phone with me. I didn’t know why! Well he secretly had taken off of work & was picking up the ring. He then surprised me at dinner with my family, and (now I know) he was so nervous he didn’t eat any of his dinner, or any cake! And then when we got back home, my parents, plus his, and some friends were waiting for a surprise party for me! Before I could sit & start to overthink anything, Adam was on his knee proposing. It meant so much to me that our family was there to witness this! It was the best birthday present I could have ever gotten!

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