Jane and Kevin

How They Asked

When it comes to unique proposal ideas that touch the heart, my proposal concept went something like this: I told Jane that we’d visit an art exhibition at Trocadéro … and that we needed to arrive at sunrise in order to beat the crowds. When we reached the proposal setting (i.e. the art exhibition), we stumbled upon eight easels displaying messages related to “devotion.” Jane and I moved from easel to easel … and I was mindful to stay behind her as we read the general promises of devotion together. The final display then personalized my promise with a commitment to devote my entire life to making her the happiest woman in the world.

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Kevin Lo and Jane Ng's Engagement in Eiffel Tower, Paris

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Kevin Lo's Proposal in Eiffel Tower, Paris

The display concluded with a simple call to action for her to turn around. And while Jane was absorbing the final message of devotion, I quickly stepped back and dropped to my knee. When Jane turned around, I looked her straight in the eyes and asked her to become my wife. But I was not done, yet: I patiently waited on my knee (for what must have felt like an eternity) for Jane to come to me, then handed her a small bouquet of red roses and a beautiful love note … which we read together. I softly embraced Jane as we turned towards the Eiffel Tower. And since we had a pair of fabulous classical musicians on hand, I asked Jane for our first dance as fiancée & fiancé.

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