Jane and Tommy

How We Met

We met in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. We knew each other for four years before we started dating! It felt like we already knew so much about each other once we started dating because we had talked for years!

How They Asked

We were standing at the side of the stage at a concert and someone came up to my now fiancé, Tommy, and told him he was needed up on stage. This seemed normal to me because of the job that he has. He took a few steps and then turned around, grabbed my hand and took me up on stage. MAX was on stage at the time and he introduced us as we walked out. Meanwhile, I had no idea what was happening!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bankers Life Fieldhouse

MAX handed the mic to Tommy and he started talking and within seconds, he got down on one knee!!! I was in complete shock being on stage in front of thousands of people with the love of my life proposing to me. MAX sang Lights Down Low right after and dedicated the song to us. Best night ever! :)

Jane and Tommy's Engagement in Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Special Thanks

 | Planning
Tyler Wrightsman
 | Photographer
Clay Burton
 | Photographer