Jane and Kevin

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How We Met

We were friends for 10+ years before we started dating. Neither of us can really tell you exactly how we met each other LOL

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how they asked

Kev’s perspective: 2 years into our relationship, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Jane so I started to save up for a ring. I picked out a ring and brought it to her parents’ house to ask her Dad for her hand and marriage. Somehow word got out that I was going to propose so I decided to wait because I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone. As I was in the waiting period, I decided to upgrade her ring because she deserved a better ring than the original ring I got her. I met with Ani from Icing on the Ring in Los Angeles and she helped me pick out the perfect ring. Ani is very knowledgeable and made the ring process very easy! We decided to do a temporary band so that Jane could pick her own band to add her own touch and style to the ring. Jane is absolutely in love with her engagement ring as is and does not want to change anything about it!

My original proposal was to take place in San Diego. I thought it was a great place to propose because I asked her to be my girlfriend in San Diego. I booked a beach front hotel suite and made reservations to take her on a boat ride followed by a gondola ride where I would pop the question. Everything was perfectly planned to a T! A week before my planned proposal, Jane shares with me our friends Jess and Mike’s engagement. In the mist of her squealing with excitement about how happy she was for Jess and Mike. She describes how Mike proposed. Mike happened to have the same idea and took Jess on a boat ride and proposed to her….

As happy as I was for our friends, I was frantically thinking of what I would do to make it special. I knew I had to change my plans and I had to do it quick! The next best place that has meaning to us is Las Vegas, where our relationship started. I contacted my childhood friend Jon-Michael and asked him for recommendations on places. I was considering doing it in front of the Bellagio water show. He extended his help to me. Turns out he works at the new Spago by Wolf Gang Puck located inside Bellagio and helped me with the process. Everyone was very helpful and the staff was awesome! Jane was happy with the proposal and said everything was perfect! I thought she would want to announce our engagement right away but she told me she only wanted to tell family first and hold off on announcing our engagement to everyone else. She did not want to take “Jess’ thunder” away from her since Jess and Mike just got engaged the week before. Although this was her moment to shine, she thought about someone else’s feelings first which reminded me why I fell in love with her in the first place.

Big shout outs to Ani at Icing on the Ring in Los Angeles, Chef Mark Andelbrandt, Jon-Michael, Alex, Paul, Sammy, Chris and the rest of the Sapgo staff! You guys are the real MVP! Our proposal wouldn’t have been as perfect without you guys!!!

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Jane’s perspective: On Saturday, June 9, 2018 Kev woke me up and said “Pack a bag! We’re going on a little trip.” I fell asleep on the drive and woke up in Vegas. Originally Kev said we were only going to be there for one night (Come back Sunday) but Saturday night he told me we were going to stay another night. Which was a little weird to me because it is never his idea to stay another night AND he usually asks for my opinion but this time he decided on his own. But whatever, I’m always down for another night in Vegas lol! Sunday rolls around and he announced that he wanted to have dinner at Spago by Wolfgang Puck inside Bellagio. They had just opened that Wednesday and he wanted to try it.

Fast forward a few hours; I didn’t feel like going out to a nice dinner (laziness kicked in, which is very common for me lol) and per usual I told Kev I didn’t feel like going anymore and wanted to eat fried chicken or Bun Bo Hue instead. I must have said it 10 times throughout the day but Kev insisted on having dinner at Spago. Which again was a little weird to me because when I say I don’t feel like blah blah blah, he usually says O.K. but this time he didn’t budge! So we got ready and went to dinner.

When we arrived, he informed the host that his name was Kevin and Chef Mark Andelbrandt made his reservation. Another weird look at Kev because I didn’t even know he knew anyone here! Alex the Manager came out to greet us and walked us inside. He offered us a two top table or bar seating while we wait for our table. We chose the bar top. Chris the bartender was amazing! Alex came by to check on us a few times and to apologize for the wait which I thought was so amazing of him! A table opened up in the middle of the patio so he offered for us to be seated there and when a table by the railing opens up, they would move us over there. I told him he didn’t have to go through all that trouble and that we were fine sitting in the middle of the patio. He really wanted to seat us by the railing which I appreciate but I honestly didn’t want to trouble him. Kev stepped in and said we will wait until the table by the railing opened up. Little did I know he was planning to propose while the Bellagio water fountains were going on.

Dinner was amazing! Our server Paul was on point! One of the best servers I have ever had. Our “Cote de Boeuf” Sammy is really good at his job!! His presentation and personality is * two thumbs up* Let me just say that I am not a dessert person, I NEVER order desert so when Paul offered us dessert I respectfully declined but Kev wanted to order something! Again, weird to me because Kev never orders dessert either! Dessert arrived and Kev started to record my reaction to it. I didn’t think anything of it because he was recording little snip bits throughout our dinner. THEN Paul came over and took Kev’s phone from him. At that moment I was like uhhh what the heck is going on. It wasn’t until Kev got down on one knee that I realize what was happening. And to be honest, all I remember is Kev saying “Honey, we started our relationship in Vegas…….” *Que the ugly crying*

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The staff signed our original menu that Kev used that night and gifted it to us for memory. Alex also gifted us a signed copy of Wolfgang Puck’s book!

Our proposal was perfect in every way possible! Thank you to Kev’s friend Jon-Michael for helping him set everything up! Thank you, Chef Mark Andelbrandt, Alex, Paul, Sammy and Chris for your wonderful over the top extra mile service!!! Thank you, Ani at Icing on the Ring for helping Kev pick out my perfect ring!

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Special Thanks

 | Jeweler
Chef Mark Andelbrandt, Jon-Michael, Alex, Paul, Sammy and Chris
 | Staff at Spago by Wolf Gang Puck at Bellagio