Jane and Jonathan

How We Met

The first memory I have of our encounter happened at my first job as a teacher’s assistant at Faith Summer Day Camp. That day, I strolled through the hallways and offered friends and new faces some candy that I had bought the night prior. My memory of meeting Jon is blurry, but I remember seeing a short and slim boy standing by the doorway and decided to offer him some sweets, too! As years passed by, we would occasionally text one another. He was always a great friend and occasionally gave me advice in times of distress. One evening, as I was taking a bus to school (high school choir performance), I received a random text message from him saying, “Good Luck!” I always knew I had interest in him, but wasn’t sure his feelings reciprocated. We continued to be good and supportive friends until one day I decide to confess my feelings to him (he was too shy to approach me in person). He then confirmed his feelings for me as well and months later we decided to give this relationship a try. Mind you, Jon was an extremely shy individual and because he was so quiet, I’ve always thought that he wasn’t into girls – I’ve had multiple crushes on him before we officially dated! Fast forward to the present, 2017 marks our eight years of being together!

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I’m truly blessed with an amazing group of friends. We took a mini road trip out to Connecticut from New York City for the weekend as a mini getaway and to celebrate Jon’s birthday (or so I thought we were). I was initially part of the whole “planning” process for the trip (such as grocery shopping for our meals to cook at the house, researching activities to do in the nearby area, etc.), so I didn’t expect anything to happen out of the ordinary. I was encouraged by Jon to sleep earlier the first night, so that I would get enough rest to enjoy a full day’s worth of activities in the morning. As I fell fast asleep, my wonderful sister and girlfriends, Anne, Courtney, and Kimberly started to prep all night (and into the morning) for my surprise proposal. At sunrise, Jon’s brother (Jeff) and his three friends (Kevin, Jon Tam, and Jiuen) secretly arrived and assisted Michael with the music equipment setup.

Where to Propose in Old Lyme, Connecticut

When I woke up, Courtney came into my room and requested for me to keep Jon in the room for as long as possible (about an hour) because they had something “planned” for his birthday – who knew that the cards were being flipped and that he was actually trying to keep ME in the room? An hour later, Anne and Courtney showed up at our room as I was getting ready and mentioned that they had to blindfold “us” – which turns out to be just me as Jon jolted down the stairs first. Courtney poorly guided me down the stairs, and proceeded to tell me to take off the blindfold… I was stunned at the sight of the flowers and thought, “Woah, it can’t be today!”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Old Lyme, Connecticut

Jane's Proposal in Old Lyme, Connecticut

As I walked towards Jon, he brought me onto a flower-filled platform and sang me a sweet song (a tear-jerker moment) while the guys harmonized along. Then Jon got down on one knee and proposed, and of course I said, “yes!”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Old Lyme, Connecticut

I’m so grateful to have loving family, friends, and a romantic fiancé who made this moment truly personal and special. Cheers to being engaged to my high school sweetheart!

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