Jane and Cory

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How We Met

The fake story: Cory and I met at Trader Joes. We were in the produce section and we both reached for the last bundle of Swiss chard. Our hands touched, and a shock-wave went through both of our bodies. Our chemistry was magnetic. He turned to me, I to him, and we locked eyes. After some light banter, Cory asked me on a date and the rest is history. The real story: We matched on Tinder.

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how they asked

I woke up on December 29th like it was just another day. We were on vacation in The Bahamas with my family and Cory and I had been soaking up some cosmic rays, enjoying some poolside adult beverages, and actively avoiding reality. That morning, Cory decided to head out to a nearby reef to test the waters and do a bit of spear fishing. Cory is an avid fisherman. The amount of lures, reels, and rods that show up at our front door every day is alarming. The man cannot keep himself away from the open sea. But I digress. Cory went out to try to catch us a little afternoon snack and I had an uneasy feeling about it. I blew him a kiss, wished him good luck, told him to be safe and went back to working on my base tan. Little did I know, his morning was about to give the plot from The Shallows a run for its money. After carefully scoping out the perfect spot, Cory dove into the warm waters and stalked his prey – some unsuspecting reef fish couldn’t out swim Cory’s quick reflexes and he speared a decent size grouper. Proud of his catch, Cory began making his way to the surface only to be stopped when something ran into him from behind.

It was a giant bull shark. Yes, a shark! Are you freaking out yet? Because I am. The shark went after the injured fish and Cory attempted to swim backwards to the surface, careful to keep an eye on the big-toothed visitor. Just when he thought he was out of the woods, the shark turned around and darted at Cory. Cory, unarmed and out of breath, wound up in a “Why I oughtaaaa” motion ready to Sugar Ray Leonard this big bully (see what I did there?). At the surface, my little brother was watching the whole thing unfold. The dual between man vs. shark was about to go down and everyone had their money on the guy with 3 sets of teeth. At the very last moment, before the shark could make a meal out of my man – another shark came along to steal the fish that was still stuck on the end of Cory’s spear. The original shark swam back quickly to stake its claim on the injured fish and Cory was able to scramble to the boat. When the boys came back, they couldn’t believe what had happened. They told the story over and over – the shark grew in size with each version (classic fishing story). Our JAWS dropped (again, see what I did there?) After our exciting morning, Cory and I decided to enjoy a couple cocktails and toast to life…and having all of our limbs.

That was when Cory asked me if I wanted to go on a sunset walk down the beach before dinner. HELL YES. What girl doesn’t want to do the stereotypical walk on the beach at sunset? This guys gets me! After making me the world’s STIFFEST cocktail, we went out on our romantic quest. I noticed Cory had a sweatshirt wrapped around his waist which was odd because it was no less than 80 degrees outside, hardly sweatshirt weather. Before I could say anything, the world’s stiffest cocktail took effect and I forgot about the sweatshirt. We walked, we chatted, we said some lovey dovey things. I remember Cory asking me if I felt lucky that day. In fact, I did feel lucky. My human had cheated death after coming face-to-face with one of the world’s scariest creatures. That day, we were very lucky.

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We came across an abandoned dock and Cory led me down it. Man, this was like a scene straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Where’s Ryan Gosling? We neared the end of the dock which sat over the water and the sun was perfectly setting right off over the horizon. Cory had been asking me a series of questions throughout the whole walk like “are you happy?” and “how big do you think that boat is?” When we reached the end, Cory looked at me and said “I just have one last question…” at this point he turned me around and there it was… MARRY ME written in seashells and sea glass. Did my man do this?

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The guy who grew up with all brothers and can’t stand when I watch The Bachelor – the guy who thinks a romantic gesture is buying toilet paper in bulk from Costco for our condo. Could he? Did he? This is a move that would impress even Chris Harrison. I turned around to see Cory on one knee. Somebody pinch me. Is this real? Or is this a side effect of the world’s stiffest cocktail? I took a breath and said “YES” …and then grabbed the ring and put it on my own finger.

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At that moment, my family appeared out of nowhere. I swear some of them levitated out of the ocean. Where did these people come from? The rest is a whirlwind. A lot of laughs, a few tears, some deep breathing. December 29th was not just another day. It was the day I say yes to forever with my person.

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Special Thanks

Mary McGraw (sister)
 | Photographer (day of)
Todd Pinckney
 | Photographer (engagement photos)