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How We Met

Adam and I met in high school in 2005. But we weren’t friends, not that I knew of any way ? But all jokes aside, our friends were friends.

So fast forward ten years later to my friend’s birthday party in the city. My best friend, her boyfriend (who is also Adam’s best friend!), Adam, and I were strolling through the streets of NYC until we decided it was time to part. My best friend and her boyfriend headed back to their hotel room, I had planned to stay at my sister’s apartment nearby, and Adam went to catch the WTC path train back to Jersey. On my way back to my sister’s, I thought it’d be funny to shoot Adam a text and ask if he wanted to stay at my hotel to see what his response would be (I’m so conniving! What hotel!? ?). Adam stayed three hours in the train station contemplating on his response to me. I fell asleep on my sister’s couch ??. Needless to say, we didn’t follow up on that convo.

The following year, my best friend’s boyfriend (now husband) proposed to her. And that’s when the magic began. We were bound by this whimsical wedding that we were going to participate in. I was going to be the maid of honor, and he was going to be a groomsman. And sure enough, that year, everyone in the wedding party was invited to Adam’s New Year’s Eve party, including my ex-boyfriend.

I knew at this point already that I was interested in Adam, but couldn’t act on it as he and my ex-boyfriend were friends. So at the party, I tried my best to be as friendly as I could without crossing any lines. But needless to say, the heart wants what it wants (and it got it)— we had our first kiss of the new year, and of forever! It was one of those butterflies-in-your-stomach kisses.

Immediately after the party, Adam messaged me to make sure I got home okay. For the next few days, we were talking on the phone for hours and text messaging all day long. Later that week, we decided we needed to follow up on this NYE kiss. So we met up, and initiated the “what is this” convo, which led to an “I’m in it for the long run” convo! (I may have pressured him into the latter) and the rest was history.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Polignano A Mare, Italy

Proposal Ideas Polignano A Mare, Italy

how they asked

Two years later, on a family trip to Puglia (Italy), Adam planned the proposal with the help of my best friends and family. my best friend, Samantha, texted me the week before Italy saying, “Don’t tell Adam or he’ll kill me! He told me that we’re going ring shopping when you guys get back from vacation.” And so, I believed I was going to get engaged after our trip.

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Jane's Proposal in Polignano A Mare, Italy

Sneaky as they were, they had the ring made months before Italy! Adam had my brother in law bring it to Italy two weeks before we got there, so I had no clue there was a ring!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Polignano A Mare, Italy

I suggested to Adam that we take two or three days on our own (away from our family) exploring Puglia. I told him that I wanted to go to Polignano A Mare (one of the most beautiful seaside cities i’ve ever been to), and so I pinned some Airbnb’s and restaurants for us to go to. I e-mailed them over to him, but he had already booked those places before I even sent them!

Jane and Adam's Engagement in Polignano A Mare, Italy

When we got to Polignano, we had reservations at the famous Grotta Palazzese for 7pm, just in time to catch the sunset. We had the most amazing seat in the house (thanks to the owners at Grotta Palazzese), a table on its own next to the sax player on stage— overlooking the water. Adam kept insisting that we take a photo before it gets too dark. When the waitress finally came over to take our photo, we took a few and I was ready to sit back down. Adam then insisted to the waitress that she take one more photo. After I handed my phone back to the waitress, I turned around to pose and Adam was there on one knee with the ring in his hand. He asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. and I said, “are you kidding me!?” followed by, of course, “Yes!”

The rest of the night was magical. We stayed and enjoyed the view at the Grotta until the stars came out. On our way out, we looked over and into the Adriatic, where you could see the bottom of the sea through the clear waters.

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