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How We Met

JaNaye: We matched on Bumble. I felt okay making the first move, but I was a little nervous cause I had been burned by some matches before. This connection was different because the conversation flowed naturally and I felt like I could talk to him about anything. It helped that he was funny. I was pretty nervous, because I didn’t know if the conversation was going to be as easy as on the app. We had originally planned to meet in the dog park and then go get sushi, but of course it rain. Josh had a backup plan and it was more than I expected, because we both didn’t want the date to end. After we wrapped up sushi, we went to bowling alley. Of course, I trash talked him the entire time, because I knew I would win. Of course, I didn’t. We didn’t want the date to end, so we went the arcade bar and I was able to redeem myself in Tetris, because he didn’t even know how to play. The date was awesome and I’m pretty sure I had to cheesiest grin on my face the entire time.

Josh: We matched on Bumble. ell I didn’t make the first move, but I knew this connection was different. It was different because, she already had a love of dogs and sushi and everyone knows that’s a great combination! I was nervous, because this was my first bumble official date. II had originally planned for us and our dogs to meet at the dog park and it ended up raining, so I quickly had to come up with a different date and I’m glad she was cool with it. The date was more than what I expected, because we did not have a dull moment throughout the night. She was smart and funny and had could catch on to my sarcasm. A perfect night that ended with a good night kiss! A kiss that happens to be the reason why we had a second date (true statement).Her smile of was the first thing that caught my attention and nothing makes me happier than the fact I’m able to put that smile on her face each and every day!

how they asked

JaNaye: The proposal took me by surprise. I knew he had something planned I just didn’t know what. The day of he surprised me with a hair and makeup appointment. Then he suggested we go get brunch, but he was being fidgety and nervous. I kept asking him if everything was okay and he said it was. He was so nervous that he didn’t even eat his brunch. Then he suggested that we go get wine, which made me suspicious, because we had mimosas with brunch. We get to the winery and we order a bottle of wine, while we were there he kept checking his phone and looking out of the window. I’m like okay while you’re being weird I’ll go to the bathroom. Little did I know what would be waiting on me when I came out. I came out the bathroom and there was my mom, sister, best friend, godson, and his parents holding flowers for me. It had snowed 12 inches the day before so I didn’t actually believe that they had traveled through that to be here for this. I immediately started crying, because I knew what was happening and I couldn’t believe it. I turned around and he was one knee holding a ring and crying and I just lost it all over again. I walked over to him and he asked me to make him the happiest man alive and I said yes. It was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever done for me and I can’t to call this man my husband.

Josh: I knew I wanted to propose for our one year anniversary and I had been planning this for over a month, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Originally, I had planned for us to go to the Wide River Vineyard and have our family and friends waiting their for us to arrive and then I would propose. However that Saturday, we had got about 12 inches of snow and I had to scramble to plan a new engagement two hours before I wback to work. That Sunday, I told her to go ahead and still get her hair and makeup done, because we could still celebrate at lunch. I planned for us to go to brunch and propose at the winery here in town. I knew she knew that something was going on, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I did sort of rush her through brunch and I didn’t even eat, because I was so nervous. I practically yelled at her to go get drinks as the winery. When we got there, I text everyone to let them know that we were there and I would let them know when to come up. I kept checking my phone and looking out of the window, because everyone was running behind. I knew I had my chance when she went to bathroom and I told everyone to come in while she was in there. She walked out and was completely surprised. I had her family make sure that she couldn’t see me getting down on knee by distracting her with flowers. When she turned and looked at me, I couldn’t keep it together and barely got the question out before I was waiting for her to yes and as soon as she said it I knew it was the beginning of our forever.

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