Janay and Garrett

How We Met

Garrett and I met in Ms. Skwish’s (who is in the proposal video!) science class in 6th grade, 11 years ago. We sat next to each other, as we were seated in alphabetical order by last name, Kohn (Garrett) and Lima (Janay). We actually dated in 6th grade after we first met. Unfortunately, being in a graduating class size of nearly 800 people, Garrett and I drifted apart through junior high. In high school, however, Garrett and I found ourselves together every year for first period. Sure enough, we decided to rekindle our relationship, and we began dating (for real this time) in high school. Our love for one another grew rapidly and our relationship grew stronger, especially as we overcame immense obstacles (primarily Garrett enlisting in and then commissioning as an Officer in the US Army). 5 years later, we are happier than ever…and we’re ENGAGED!!!!!

how they asked

5 years ago, Garrett sent me on an Amazing Race to ask me to prom:

… the video received nearly 60,000 views, and everyone asked “how is he going to TOP that when he ask you to marry him?” Garrett said he thought about it for a long time, but realized there was no way he could possibly do better, seeing as how he went all-out for the PROMposal. Instead, he decided to recreate it. The Amazing Race Part II, where Garrett asked me to marry him, picks up exactly where the first Amazing Race ended, taking me through memory lane, as I relived our lives from prom and beyond. It ended at the tree where Garrett carved our initials into a tree when we first started dating. Yes…our initials are still there after all this time!

Our Video

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