Janani and Ryan

Image 1 of Janani and Ryan

How We Met

At a time where I thought that Love is not something that’d come knocking on my door – and I’ve shut it all to focus on myself, the Universe decided to deliver – and send me the man of my dreams through a mutual friend of ours. I got really lucky – and it still feels like I’m living a dream that I don’t ever wanna wake up from!

Image 2 of Janani and Ryan

How They Asked

A fine dining dinner in the woods, turned into the proposal of my dreams! I Get To Love You playing in the background – as he went on his knees. I couldn’t have asked for any better way to say the easiest yes I’ve said in my entire life.

Image 3 of Janani and Ryan

Special Thanks

Cécilia Hofer
 | Photographer