Janan and Shane

How We Met

Shane and I went to the same high school in Austin, TX. It was my senior year and Shane’s junior year—Shane was on the varsity football team and I was on the high school dance team. At our high school, football was the focal point. As crazy Texans do, we had a group our senior year called “Senior Girls”. Our role was to get the football players pumped up for upcoming football games—this meant decorating their rooms, baking cookies, making signs for pep rallies, and more. At the end of the season, the guys would find out who their Senior Girls were, but during the football season the guys had no idea who was behind the scenes.

Three of my dance team friends and I selected Shane as our varsity football player for the upcoming season. None of us knew him well which meant we wouldn’t feel bad about any ridiculous costumes we made him wear for themed pep rallies. Each week we went to his house to decorate while he was at practice. At the last home game of the season, the Senior Girls were revealed to each varsity player. That was Shane and I’s first official meeting.

After that, we would see each other around school and say hey, but we never hung out. We dated other people and moved onto college. I went to UGA and he went to A&M. We both graduated and he ended up taking a job in LA and I moved to Dallas. Life marched on, but eventually we both moved back to Austin around the same time.

Social media is creepy and he had figured out I was back in Austin too. One night I get a classic Facebook message (2:00 am=totally normal and smooth). He asked for my number and used some line about hanging out with his Senior Girl. I admired the hustle–I always thought he was cute, so I gave him my number. Fast forward to our first date at one of our now favorite spots in Austin, Salty Sow. At the time I was a pescatarian and didn’t eat red meat. I watched as he ordered all things meat and as he ate pretty much everything without noticing I wasn’t eating. True love in the making. We caught up on life and talked about everything from family to music—the conversation just flowed and we realized how much we had in common. Senior Girl still got it. The rest is history!

how they asked

For Shane’s 28th Bday, Shane and I had made plans to visit his Grandma in Santa Barbara with a Big Sur / Highway 1 road trip. Plan was to fly into San Jose with driving stops in Carmel, San Luis Obispo, then ending in Santa Barbara before flying out of LA.

First leg of the trip was incredible. We explored Carmel, ate awesome food, and prepped for the road trip. Shane’s birthday arrived and we started out towards Big Sur. Highway 1 is by far one of the most beautiful road trips I’ve ever taken. We made frequent stops just to take in the views and walk around the area.

We made it to Bixby bridge and took a bunch of photos. At the time, I didn’t realize what a weirdo Shane was being. After the fact, it was very clear. I took a bunch of pictures and in every single one Shane looks like he’s about to drop a fire classic rock album—peering off the cliff, kneeling by the rocks watching the waves roll in. I’ve never seen him be more introspective in my life. Turns out, he was trying to figure out where he was going to propose.

We drove a bit more and landed at a remote beach spot near San Simeon. We had brought some wine and snacks and set up shop on the beach. Shane kept trying to get me to stand up so that he could propose—he rolled a water bottle and asked me if I would go pick it up. A few glasses of wine in and my response was “you go get it.” Luckily (?) I got up to find the nearest bathroom shortly thereafter. When I came back, there was Shane down on one knee. I think I blacked out from shock and ugly cried, but that moment seemed to be frozen in time. I looked around and we were in one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever been with no one else around. I remember him saying sweet things about being partners in life and me saying yes.

After the shock settled, I immediately called my dad and sister to share the news. Soon after, we called Shane’s mom and sister. They all shared the excitement of the moment and talked about how we’d all celebrate when we’d get back. Turns out, family=liars. Shane had planned for them all to fly out to California and meet us in Santa Barbara at Shane’s grandmother’s house.

We continued our road trip and drove to San Luis Obispo and stayed at a cool spot downtown. That night we ate awesome seafood and celebrated both Shane’s birthday and our engagement. I couldn’t stop smiling—it was by far the happiest of days.

The next day we drove to Santa Barbara to meet up with our family members. We spent the remainder of the weekend celebrating with our sweet families with food, wine, and California exploring. Shane refers to the proposal as the “ultimate smoke screen”. I had absolutely no idea that he was planning on proposing (much less on his birthday). It was a beautiful weekend that I will always remember and love!

Special Thanks

Gianna Keiko