Janaisha and Jesus

How We Met

I was about 8 or 9 years old when my mom decided we would start going to church with my younger brother. My favorite part was the youth group- just a bunch of kids hanging out with some cool adults who loved to be ‘down with the young kids’ and taught us bible stories. As we grew up, that church grew to be an extension of our family. We would have pool parties at my house or movie nights and everyone always had to much fun. Jesus and I grew to be really close friends, there was never any romantic interest.

I even hooked him up with one of my best friends and they ended up dating for about 4 years, on and off. He began partying with me and my friends in high school and everyone seemed to love him. My close friends knew he was just there to have fun, but every once in a while we would get questions regarding our relationship status and our answers were always the same, “Ew that’s like my brother!” and it was always true. We found ourselves together all the time and after about 9 years of knowing each other, things slowly changed.

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That Sunday morning started off as any normal Sunday- wake up early and head to church! I noticed I was going to be a little late to work after so I text my manager letting her know I would be a few minutes late to church and got a strange “but you’re not scheduled today” response. I found it weird (mostly because I look forward to my days off) but I wasn’t going to fight with her about it. I was looking forward to some tacos from a small place by my house but he drove us up to a fancy restaurant and said “Reservation for Jesus”, I was shocked as he never makes reservations anywhere. The hostess replied “Brunch for two? Right this way”, I was shocked as he never makes reservations anywhere. After a beautiful lunch, I was ready for a nap. “Nope, I have another surprise.” The next block over was a 42 acre sculpture museum which he planned for us to spend a few hours at. We made it about 5 minutes and my 5 inch heels were not only inappropriate for the park, but also a pain to walk around in so we left. Now I was really excited for a nap!

I was slightly disappointed when we arrived to a beautiful boathouse with canoeing and other water activities, all of which I was still not appropriator dressed for in my ‘church clothes’. I kept pushing to go home and take a nap which we finally did. I fell asleep on the car ride home and continued sleeping once I got home. A few hours later, I woke up hungry and still looking for tacos. “We are gonna get tacos, I promise but we are having tacos with someone from far away”. I was already skeptical, who do we know from far away? Nevertheless, food was on the agenda so I jumped in the car with him and we were off. After about a half-hour car ride, he directed me to the glove compartment and said “there’s something red in there, put it on”. I pulled out the blindfold and started asking a million questions- “Whats this for? What are you doing? Is this the part of the scary movie that you take me somewhere and kill me?”, the list goes on and on. We parked for what seemed to be a lifetime (but was probably about 5 minutes) and I kept asking questions. Eventually, he made his way to open my door and we began walking. I remember walking and hearing other people walking, prompting a few other silly comments. We stopped, someone took off my blindfold and a few seconds later, my best friend of so many years became my fiancee.

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