Janae and Andrew

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How We Met

Our story began about three years ago when we both decided to embark on a mission’s trip to the Netherlands. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he is from Fort Worth, TX, so the odds of us ever meeting were quite slim. The first time we actually talked, I remember it felt like we’d been friends forever. He carried my umbrella in the rain for me while I ate a Belgian waffle through the streets of Europe like the gentleman that he is, and we talked about everything from music to our hometowns. Our friendship continued throughout the trip and grew stronger as we talked after. About a week or two after the trip, he mentioned he was going on a road trip to NY and wanted to stop by in Wisconsin “on the way.”

Wisconsin isn’t exactly on the way to NY, but we ended up hanging out as I introduced him and his brother to cheese curds and my family. After he left I knew I was crushing on him, but decided it was not the time to get involved with someone, especially since it was right before my semester abroad in London. A year went by, and our friendship only grew stronger. One night as we were texting, he confessed to me his feelings he’d been having and the rest is history. Since then, we’ve been dating long distance, but I knew it was him right from the beginning. We promised to never let distance define us as a couple and have only accepted it and let travel be fun instead of a hindrance.

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how they asked

Drew surprised me with a random trip to Portland with him and his sister, and I couldn’t have been more excited! Mountains, coffee, and waterfalls are right up our alley so I knew it would be a fun getaway. The week leading up to leaving I got insanely sick and prayed that I would get better by the weekend. Sure enough, I hopped on the plane and made it there despite delayed flights. The morning of, Drew had told me that his sister had missed her flight and wouldn’t be to Portland until later on in the afternoon, so he had no plans. This was definitely not what I was expecting, but I made the best of it and we went to brunch and got coffee. He mentioned he saw an insane lookout point called Crown Point on a Portland blog and we should hit it up before we picked his sister up at the airport. I really wanted to see as many waterfalls as possible in the daylight, but I agreed and we found our way up to this insane view.

As I was just staring at the view, he saw this point where two girls were sitting literally on the edge of the mountain, and he told me we should go hike up there. Even though I was wearing heeled booties, I followed his lead again and made it up to the craziest view of the mountains and a huge gorge. As we were taking photos of each other, he said he made something for me. I was surprised to find he created a video of our entire relationship with videos and snap-chats with the background of our favorite song, which of course had me in tears because I knew what was going to happen. After the video, he gave me the biggest hug and kiss, got down on one knee, and asked if I would be his wife forever.

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To which I responded with “Yes!” with tears running down my face. I looked over and saw Drew had hired a photographer to take photos of us who came all the way from Dallas! Right behind him was his sister who had “missed” her flight, but to which I found out had been here since Friday scouting out locations with Drew! Drew had flown in Thursday and wanted everything to be perfect, down to where he got on one knee. After our photo-shoot up on the mountain, we took even more photos by a few waterfalls, and I haven’t stopped smiling ever since.

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Special Thanks

George Tshuma
 | Photographer