Janae and Brandon's Bible Proposal

imageHow We Met: Brandon and I met in September 2012. One of Brandon’s best friends Justin was dating my cousin Shelby. Shelby and Justin are now married with two beautiful children! Shelby asked me to come over to her house one weekend to meet Justin and a few of his friends. Justin kept on telling stories about his friend named Brandon. The next weekend Shelby asked me to go four-wheeler riding with her and a few of Justin’s friends (including Brandon). I didn’t really talk to Brandon before we left to go riding that day. About halfway through riding on the trails, our group decided to stop and to take a break. Shelby and I were on the same four-wheeler and we hit the breaks to stop BUT come to find out, our four-wheeler’s break lights weren’t working. So Brandon who was behind us rear-ended us. Shelby and I instantly turned around to see what exactly happened. After we got everything taken care of and realized everything was okay, I told Shelby: “He sure does have a cute smile!” Apparently that same night, Brandon texted Justin and said the same thing about me! Finally after a few group dates, meeting each other’s families, and getting to know each other better, we started dating on October 27th, 2012. One of the first questions I asked Brandon when we were getting to know each other was, “What are the three most important things to you?” his response is one of the reasons I fell so quickly for him, “God, family, and friends.” About two and half years later he popped the question on April 18th, 2015!


how they asked: April 18th was just a few weeks before my birthday. Brandon told me that he was taking me out to an early birthday dinner at Patti’s 1800s Settlement in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, which is a personal favorite of ours! Brandon and I normally go to Patti’s for birthday dinners and special holidays. When I met Brandon to go to Patti’s, he blindfolded me. As he was driving I kept on asking him questions like “Where on Earth are we going?”

When the car came to a stop, Brandon came and opened my door and would not let me take the blindfold off. We walked for a little bit and Brandon held my hand to lead me since I was still blindfolded. 11078165_10153860869198902_1377030515896045367_n
Brandon and I stopped walking and he took off my blindfold. The only thing that was going through my mind at this point was “Oh my goodness, this is real. The man of my dreams is fixing to ask me to become his wife!”


In front of me was a pathway lit by candles, Bibles in the middle of the aisle, a canopy tent at the end of the path outlined with rose petals on the ground, and to make the setting even more beautiful the sun was setting on the Kentucky Lake.

Brandon led me to each Bible. The Bibles were from different family members and had verses of love and commitment highlighted in them. Each time we came to a Bible, Brandon would pick it up and explain how he wants to apply the verse highlighted to our future and relationship.


We got to the canopy and Brandon held my hands and talked to me for a little bit and then he got down on one knee and popped the question that I have dreamed about since I was a little girl: “Jacquelyn Janae Smith, will you marry me?” Of course with tears in my eyes, I said: “YES!!!”




After Brandon and I got over the initial shock that we were ENGAGED, I realized that Brandon’s sister, Kayla, was there and photographed the whole proposal! We took a few more pictures by the lake. After taking the pictures we went to Patti’s 1800s Settlement for my “early birthday dinner”. As our hostess led us to our table, we walked through the doorway and both of our families were there waiting on us to celebrate our engagement!


Two weeks later, Brandon and I set our wedding date to August 6th, 2016!…. and that is the story of how they asked!