Jana and Tim

Jana's Proposal in Guatemala, on top of the Acatenango Vulcano

How We Met

In the summer of 2014 I suddenly lost my job in the media and because I was living on my own, I had to find a new job pretty fast to be able to keep on paying my bills. I decided to take a temporary job at a supermarket nearby my place. That’s where Tim worked as well. We didn’t talk much on the job, but one night he started talking to me on Facebook and two weeks later he said he was going to the animal shelter to look for a new dog, since his last one died.

I lived next to the animal shelter and all of the sudden I heard myself saying “I want to go with you to the shelter, because I love to go walking with the dogs”. And that became our first date. We went walking with a cute little doggie we named Franske, went for drinks, went for dinner together and never stopped talking. It was so much fun!

At the end of that same week, we decided to meet up again and Tim asked me if I wanted to go for breakfast together. So we did, and after that we went to the shelter again for a walk with a dog. When we had to say goodbye, I was really nervous, but he took all my nerves away and just kissed me. Since that moment, we’re happy together!

how they asked

Tim and I went backpacking in Guatemala last September. We’re together for almost 3 years, but I already knew I wanted to marry him from the very beginning we were together.

In Guatemala we did an overnight volcano hike around Antigua. The Acatenango-volcano is a pretty tough hike. We started walking at 10 am, arrived at basecamp around 4 pm, had dinner by a bonfire and could watch another volcano burst lava all night long. That already was a magical experience.

The next morning we started climbing to the top at 4 am an around 5.45 am we arrived at the top of the Acatenango volcano. I felt so blessed: the sun was shining, there were no clouds blocking the view and the view was stunning. And then suddenly Tim told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I didn’t see that one coming! He had planned the proposal weeks before our trip and even choose a ring from my favorite jewel designer! For me, it was the perfect proposal and I’m already looking forward to our future together as husband and wife.

Jana and Tim's Engagement in Guatemala, on top of the Acatenango Vulcano