Jana and Joe's Surprise Marriage Proposal with Friends in Utah

Surprise Marriage Proposal at Dinner with Friends_5

How we met: Joe and I met many years ago at a show. Joe used to be in a popular local band and I went to see them play. One of the guys at the show was being really rude and kept pushing me around. Joe’s then roommate kept asking him to stop, and eventually made him stop. After the show I went up to Joe’s roommate to thank him, he was talking to Joe. They invited me to a party at their house. I have to admit I was very taken with him from the first time I saw him on stage. I remember thinking “I will marry this man someday”.

We became friends and I would go to his shows and hang out with him from time to time. He even pretended to like football as an excuse to come to my house and watch with me. Fast forward ~10 years….I had moved to another state, but we kept in touch. I invited him out to spend Christmas with me and he accepted. After several days of Christmas festivities I was still assuming that being anything more than friends wasn’t in the cards for us, we were at the airport so he could go home. To my surprise he grabs me, pulls me in for a huge hug and says in my ear, “Promise me something? When you’re ready to start dating again promise me you’ll call me first?” I melted! We started dating long distance, flying back and forth to see each other and eventually he moved to be with me.

how they asked: Joe and I were visiting family and friends for New Year’s in Utah. His birthday is just before Christmas so I had planned a surprise birthday party for him while we were in town with all his close friends. He tried to ruin the surprise several times over but I managed to pull it off. He had no idea! The real surprise was on me. Everyone knew that Joe was going to propose except me. We had plans to spend the evening in town with our friends in a hotel and go to dinner. We all got dressed up and went to the restaurant. I was thinking Joe had invited a lot of our friends for what I thought was a just a New Year’s Eve dinner when he stood up. He addressed us from the head of the table and started a speech.

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He called me up to join him and pulled out my gorgeous ring!

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I was completely speechless! Everyone in the restaurant was clapping and cheering.

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It was truly a magical night!

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Photos by Brian Smyer