Jana and David

How We Met

Our love story started halfway around the world, four years ago.

I’m American and David’s British, and we were both working abroad in China when we met. After a few short months, David took me for a romantic evening at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai and asked me to be his girlfriend. Shortly after that, he returned to the UK while I remained in Shanghai. We decided to commit to making a long-distance relationship work. Needless to say, he couldn’t stay away for long and after 4 months, we were together again.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Langkawi, Malaysia

Since then, we have been each other’s number 1 support, travel companion and best friend. We have been exploring the world together while growing and building on our strong foundation of a relationship. To date, we’ve traveled to 16 countries together; and nothing is a better test of your relationship and compatibility than traveling!

Where to Propose in Langkawi, Malaysia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Langkawi, Malaysia

Jana's Proposal in Langkawi, Malaysia

Proposal Ideas Langkawi, Malaysia

Jana and David's Engagement in Langkawi, Malaysia

How They Asked

It started off as a vacation just like any other. We arrived on the beautiful island of Langkawi, Malaysia and were in awe of our accommodation and the surrounding area. We knew we had to make the most of our time there. I’m usually the planner in our relationship and like to organize the activities that we do in other countries.

On our first night, we went to the highly-rated hotel restaurant. Halfway through the meal, David got called away by a member of the hotel staff about a mysterious ‘reservation’. This got me thinking and when David returned, he was acting a little strange and seemed flustered. I asked him if everything was okay and he assured me that it was just some confusion about our planned activities we had already booked with the concierge… I didn’t want to pry but had a feeling that something was up. As our main course arrived, David noticed that our song was playing in the restaurant and he chuckled a little and sighed… I thought it was going to happen right then and there! (Little did I know that it almost could have been!)

Earlier that day, David had contacted the hotel staff to arrange a romantic, oceanfront dinner for that night, but hadn’t gotten a confirmation e-mail and thought that the plan was off. Due to a miscommunication, the table was actually waiting for us a short walk away at the shore! He told them to cancel as the timing wasn’t right. The song in the restaurant was a complete coincidence!

As the week continued, we went on a jet ski tour, climbed and zip lined through the jungle treetops, made Malaysian food at a cooking class, and relaxed at the hotel pool.

On the second to last night, David suggested we go down to the beach and take some photos at sunset! He insisted that we didn’t wear our swimsuits and instead dress up in more formal clothing. As we finished taking our sunset photos and began walking back to the hotel, we passed the tables that were being set up for the beach dinner that night. David jokingly asked me if I wanted to check out the set-up. I said, “no, those aren’t for us!” As we got closer, he steered me towards the table and then said: “actually, this is for us.”

David asked the waiter to take a photo of us closer to the shoreline and as he lined up the shot, our song (“Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole) began playing in the background. David turned to me and I could see it written on his face that this not just an ordinary dinner. He looked deep into my eyes and before I knew it, he was giving a heartfelt speech and getting down on one knee. He asked me that special question. “Jana Jedlicka, will you marry me?” It was the easiest “yes” I’ve ever given in my life! We could barely finish the rest of our delicious food as he shared stories of how he had kept all of this a secret.