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How We Met

Our families have known each other since before we were born. We knew of each other…but didn’t KNOW each other. We have always had so many mutual connections and somehow we missed and dodged each other our entire lives. Only until God decided it was the right time. So as we got older, our cousins ended up being best friends and we were unknowingly set up by them. He helped his cousins with their DJ business and my cousin decided to throw me a 21st birthday party and just so happened to hire them…how convenient, right? I literally called dibs on the DJ that night and 5 years later, we’re getting married

how they asked

We planned our usual second beach trip of the year and were actually staying at the same place as we had in May a few months before. The first trip we were given a huge bag full of goodies from our realty lady. So we joked about getting one for this trip the whole way down. He goes to check in and comes out and says “no goody bag. But she did set us up reservations and a $50 voucher for one of the nicest restaurants on the island.” Ok hmm. That’s weird. But ok… Usually he unpacks everything as soon as we get to the room….we didn’t even get everything out of the car and he was so ready to get to the beach. The whole day he was very adamant about this restaurant and I kept telling him I didn’t want to leave the beach early and get dressed up. But he insisted. As soon as we got back to the room he practically pushed me into the shower and then said “Hey I’m going to go get some lunch meat and I’ll get you some drinks” (we actually did unintentionally leave the turkey out and it ruined at home…which he took that excuse and ran with it) I got completely ready and he still wasn’t back. And our “reservation” was in 10 min! He comes sprinting in the door DRENCHED in sweat!! Face pouring, shirt soaked, panting….and EMPTY handed. I proceeded to question, laugh, and listen to his crazy excuses..like that it was just so hot and he ran the entire length of the parking lot cause there were no spaces up front, he had to take the stairs instead of the elevator, there were supposedly 4 detours and crazy crowds that kept him from the getting our turkey and drinks….and even though some of his crazy funny stories and excuses were pretty confusing and weird…it was almost kinda normal coming from him. He was in such a rush he forgets to rinse the soap off of his body in the shower and then is practically shooing me out the door. (Btw he didn’t end up parking far away. So he couldn’t have time to run and get sweaty)
He then tells me that we have to go by the clubhouse on the beach and get our voucher. I thought, she’s still at the beach at 8pm on a Saturday?? Things were starting to seem odd. We get to the clubhouse and he is literally dragging me and running up the parking lot. Then I see the pier FULL of people. I said “ok why are we going all the way down to the beach? I’m in a long dress and this wind is crazy”…well he doesn’t even acknowledge that I said anything…and then the entire crowd parts to let us through and I look on the beach and my heart instantly stopped. I saw a sign with our initials on it that we have hung on our walls at home. It was at the end of an aisle of rose petals, lined with lanterns and long stem roses. He looked at me and said “this is where it begins”. I lost it. This was it. From that moment it was all almost a blur. Each rose had a card attached with scriptures, inside jokes, lyrics and quotes. With a playlist of our favorite songs playing in the background, we picked up each one and I couldn’t even read them through the tears. We get to the end of the aisle and fighting back tears,he dropped to his knee. When I finally snapped back into reality I noticed there was a crowd of about 40+ people standing around cheering, and he had set up a candlelit picnic with sushi, fruit and champagne on the beach. Other than our realty lady, he had pulled it off all on his own. The most perfect sunset beach proposal ever.

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