Jana and Aaron

Image 1 of Jana and Aaron Aaron and I met when I was 12. Our dads work for the same company and we met on a company trip. He was the goofiest and shyest boy in the world. I still remember getting in to the van at the airport and having to sit in the back with the “other kid”. I slid into the seat next to him hesitantly and he looked at me and said “It’s okay, I don’t bite.”

We went on several other company trips together after this one, always staying in touch in between them. Aaron’s family owns a pumpkin patch in the small town of Grantville, Kansas and when I was 16 my friends and I decided we would go out to see him and hang out. This was when I noticed that awkward 13 year old boy had grown up into a pretty cute 17 year old boy. We became best friends and would spend almost every weekend together, driving around country roads, shooting shotguns, and just sitting in his truck in my driveway talking about anything and everything.

Before we went on the next spring break trip, I realized I wanted this boy to be more than just my high school crush. And apparently he felt the same way; we shared our first kiss on the beach in Cancun.

Since then we have managed to endure a long distance relationship twice, as Aaron pursued a college baseball dream and then again when he went through a training program for his job as a financial advisor. Luckily we got to attend our dream college together at the University of Kansas, where we will both will have graduated come May 2015.

So that is the long version of how we met. Sometimes when people ask how we met I give them a simple and sincere answer by saying “we grew up together”.
Image 5 of Jana and Aaron

how they asked: On Aaron’s farm there’s a tree lined path by the river that looks beautiful in every season. It was always our favorite place to watch the sun set, especially in the fall when the leaves change and winter when the snow falls.

For Aaron’s birthday he told me to meet him at his parents house so that we could go to dinner with his parents. When I got to the house he told me they were running a little late, but that he would love to go down by the river so he could check his trail camera (which he uses for hunting). I said of course because I rarely turn down a chance to go to our favorite path, especially at that time of the day when the sun hits the water.

We got down to the path and as we started walking he stopped me and said “I may have lied to you. We aren’t down here to check my trail camera. I want to give a surprise, one that I have wanted to give you for a long time now. But you have to close your eyes and turn around.”

I heard him rustle around a bit and finally he said “You have blessed me with 5 amazing years. I love you so much Jana Lynn Schwartz. Now turn around.”

Image 6 of Jana and Aaron Image 7 of Jana and Aaron

I turned around to him on his knee smiling at me as he asked “Will you marry me?”

I don’t think I have ever smiled so big as I did the moment I responded “yes!”

Image 2 of Jana and Aaron

Aaron was so sweet to have his friend come capture the moment for us.

Image 8 of Jana and Aaron

Aaron’s birthday turned out to be the perfect day to propose, I didn’t suspect a thing. His selflessness never fails to overwhelm me. When I asked him about the focus being on the engagement instead of his birthday he said “Don’t you worry, I received all I asked for this year.” This path will forever hold so many memories for Aaron and I. It will always be our favorite place, and it now holds an even more special place in my heart. I cannot wait to marry you Aaron!

Image 3 of Jana and Aaron

Image 4 of Jana and Aaron