Jamie Frances and Braden

Image 1 of Jamie Frances and Braden

How We Met

We met across a beer pong table at a college frat party. I was in an unhealthy relationship at the time he asked for my number, and I told him we could be friends. After my relationship ended, he was persistent, yet respectful, and didn’t lose hope for the six months I made him wait. Finally, I let him take me out on the most traumatic (we stumbled across a sheep slaughter… don’t ask) yet truly adventurous (shooting guns, road-tripping, and natural hot springs!) first date. I quickly realized he was someone I needed in my life.

How They Asked

So, I had made a comment to Braden about how I didn’t want to get engaged during quarantine in some dingey apartment. I told him that I would love to be somewhere beautiful when it happened, and in nature ideally. His eyes lit up when I said this. Two weeks later he was planning a camping trip about two hours away from us and we would head up there after work on Friday. I thought for sure this was going to be it, so I did my hair and makeup. However, it turned into a hellacious trip. I got carsick on the way up and vomited, and then Braden got my car stuck in the snow (something we were not prepared for in the month of May). We spent three hours digging my car out of the snow and decided to turn back around when we finally got it out. I was disappointed a proposal didn’t happen, but I kept my spirits up. Braden was extremely upset though, more than I’d ever seen, that the trip didn’t happen the way he’d planned it.

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One month later, we attempted the trip again. This time, my guard was down. The snow was gone, we had a lake all to ourselves, and the full moon glowed over the water that we camped next to. It was actually breathtaking. After eating dinner and chatting by the fire, I had my back turned to him. He said “Jamie.” And I turned back around and he was on one knee. “Will you marry me?” He was holding a gorgeous ring that he spent months making himself, and I was so completely shocked that I thought I thought he was joking. But once it all sank in I lost it, and I’ve felt like the world’s most special woman ever.

Image 2 of Jamie Frances and Braden

And oh yeah, he WAS going to propose that first trip! I knew it!!