Jamie and Willie

how we met

Well we met at work he was the engineer for the company I work for . In 2014 I was on swing shift and I seen him briefly I turned to my coworker and said WHO IS THAT !!!! We both laughed and I went on with my life for about a year , when I finally go the chance to go to day shift I remember the first day I seen him again lol I made small talk and he would come visit me at my station every day !! This went on for weeks is just getting to know each other. I looked forward to going to work every day . Then finally one day he slipped me his number on his business card and our journey began.

how they asked

This was so special to me because he always takes me on a little 2 day getaway for the weekend around my birthday!! So I had no clue !! We went to the coast and went on these beautiful hikes, ate the best food , drank the best wine and laughed so much . And the last day as we were walking on the beach he stopped me because he said he had to tie his shoes lol I turned around to him on his knees in pure adrenaline shocking to him popping the question !!! My heart was beating so fast I didn’t even look at the ring lol I tried to hug him and say yes as he was fighting to stand up out of the sand. It was one of the best days and memories I have ever had .

Special Thanks

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