Jamie and Sue's Mannequin Challenge Proposal

Image 1 of Sue and Jamie

How we met

We met on Match.com. I’m a busy single Mom with 2 jobs and 3 kids…meeting a man who understood my world was proving difficult. Jamie is a busy single Dad with a full time job and 2 kids…meeting a girl who understood his world was proving difficult. Jamie’s profile even stated, “I have my kids full time so if that makes you scared…run!” That statement won my heart and once we connected, it didn’t take too long for our first date on June 5, 2015. I was so nervous to meet this man that seemed so kind, caring, and good looking! Jamie said he saw me in the parking lot walking into the restaurant and said to himself, “That’s my date! Oh yeah!” We met for a glass of wine and couldn’t stop talking all evening. It’s been a fun ride ever since! Now we’re about to combine families and our 5 kids are just as excited as we are!

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how they asked

Jamie’s extended family talked about doing the Mannequin Challenge at Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 for a few weeks. My parents were visiting from Florida for the holiday and friends were over, so we had 18 people in all to make it fun! A few days before Thanksgiving, Jamie’s sister, Laurie, came up with the idea to propose during the Mannequin Challenge! Jamie planned well and suggested to the family that we do the Mannequin Challenge before dinner. Everyone assumed their positions, knowing what was about to happen (except for my parents and me.) Jamie’s niece, Chrysten, was in charge of the footage. Even our puppy did his best to stay still for her!

Chrysten started with filming our girls and swept around the room to show off everyone, eventually ending on Jamie and me. As she closed in on us, I was waiting to here her say she stopped filming, but instead I heard people yelling, “Turn around!”

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Image 4 of Sue and Jamie

I couldn’t understand why people were talking if Jamie’s niece hadn’t stopped filming. Our family and friends kept yelling, “Turn around!” until I finally did what I was told. Behind me was Jamie on one knee holding the ring! It all felt surreal. To see Jamie’s smile as he kneeled there, the pretty ring in a red box, and then realize that our whole family was sharing that moment with us… I just started to cry and stare at all the people around me who I loved. It was one of those moments you just can’t ever forget. I couldn’t even speak, so I just shook my head “yes” with tears in my eyes and leaned into Jamie for a kiss and a big hug.

Image 5 of Sue and Jamie

He was worth the wait! The entire proposal was caught on video which I posted on Facebook to my friends and family. That post went viral! In 5 days, we had over 8 million views on Facebook. The news even caught wind of our story and featured our proposal story! Our kids are feeling very proud and popular at school these days!

Image 6 of Sue and Jamie

Our Video