Jamie and Shaun

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oswegatchie Educational Center, at The Rock

How We Met

We met online. He noticed me first because I was a girl in the small town that he had grown up in all his life that he did not know. I had moved up there about 2 years before to work year-round at a summer camp. Being in a small town there isn’t much to do to meet new people so I turned to online. He was one of the only people I talked to and as soon as we started talking I knew there was a connection. After a couple weeks of talking we decided to meet up and with-in two weeks he told me “Olive Juice” (he was too scared to outright say I love you but knew he wanted to tell me. We were inseparable from that point forward.

how they asked

It all started in the late afternoon when my best friend (who was up visiting the summer camp i work at for the week) asked if I had time to go take a shower (she didn’t want to shower alone). It was a hour and a half before we were serving dinner ( I work in the kitchen) and I still had my mashed potatoes to make, plus we were going on a horse ride that night so why would I shower before that. So after dinner Shaun showed up to go on this planned horse back ride. Both my best friend and my boss/friend tried to get me to change my ‘messy from a day working in the kitchen’ shirt and again I refuse because why would I put a clean shirt on to go ride horses.

So as we are walking over to the Horse Barn, he tries to kiss me (which there is a rule, that unless you are married or engaged, no PDA in front of campers) and I yell at him “Not until we are engaged!” So we go on this horse ride to a large rock on the side of one of the ponds, where I don’t plan on getting off my horse. Shaun and my best friend get off their horses immediately. My best friend says she needs help fixing her saddle, which I conveniently do right from my saddle so Shaun then says he needs help with his. So that gets me off my horse and now my best friend is holding all three horses, who decide to not be nice and try and walk away. After we get them settled again, I’m holding one horse, my best friend is holding two and Shaun is out on the rock.

He says there is something towards the other pond and I quickly respond that it’s probably just the campsite that is over there. He keeps trying to convince me that its not (to get me out onto the rock) but I don’t go out and see until my friend takes the horse I’m holding from me. So I walk out there just to prove that it’s probably the campsite and stand directly in front of him. He tries pointing at something “shiny” but I’m not seeing it. So he then says “It’s something shiny, like this.” and he was behind me, down on one knee with the ring.

Proposal Ideas Oswegatchie Educational Center, at The Rock

Jamie's Proposal in Oswegatchie Educational Center, at The Rock

Special Thanks

John Bagdovitz | 
Photographer and videographer