Jamie and Sergio

How We Met: We met in summer school 2005. We became friends then after summer school was over I thought I’d never see him again. Then in the spring of 2006, he requested me on good ol Myspace ! lol … & we started talking again. Our very first date was September 22, 2006. We went to the movies. We had a great night, We just clicked. The conversation never stopped. We were two little teenagers at the time. We’ve been through ups & downs the past 8 years but it was all worth it because I get to marry my best friend & love of my life !

He wanted to buy me a nice new coat for Christmas because he wanted me to have something to open up with everybody. Now its Christmas Eve. I’m at his families house & we’re all opening up our gifts. When I go to take the coat out of the bag he wrapped it in I notice red tissue paper sticking out of the pocket. So, I go… what the hell is this? lol I unwrap the tissue paper & in it is a white box. I open up the white box and taped to the back of the box is our very FIRST DATE MOVIE TICKET FROM 2006 !!!! & right underneath it he wrote ” Will you marry me ?” Now I’m shaking , going ” omg are you kidding me ?? ” He then gets down on one knee & takes the ring box out of his pocket & opens it up ! Of course I said yes !!! It was the greatest Christmas Eve of my life !!