Jamie and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met in sixth or seventh grade where we attended the same middle school. As we moved through our middle school years, he said that he developed a crush on me in eighth grade but let it go because I was “out of his league”. We did not really talk until our junior year of high school when there was talk about a sadies Hawkins dance where girls would ask the guys; I was not interested in asking anyone to a dance, but my friends said i should ask Scott because he was nice and was taller than me (which was a nice bonus for me)! The dance never happened but Scott got word that I was thinking of asking him and we started having more frequent conversations and exchanges until we started to really get to know eachother. On February 14th, 2014 Scott asked me to be his girlfriend in the stairwell before study hall, and now I am going to be his wife!

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how they asked

Scott is the type of guy who surprises me with fun dates all of the time! Usually he will tell me what to wear and when to be ready the day before. So Scott came up from Virginia (where he lives) to Pennsylvania (where I live) for a friend’s wedding and mentioned I should take off Tuesday June 21st so he could take me on a surprise day. I got in the car with Scott at 6:45 on that Tuesday morning to take a train to New York City! I was so excited! We spent the whole day just laughing and walking around the city until he took me to Central Park where he asked me to spend his life with him.

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