Jamie and Scott

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How We Met

My fiance and I started dating 4 years ago. We went to high school together, but him being older, we did not really hang out or know one another. Several years after high school and both of us moving back to the area, we met at a local bar while hanging out with mutual friends. We had a great time talking that night, but the day after we met he left the country for a business trip and we didn’t talk. A few months later the same group of friends got together, at the same bar, and we got the chance to talk again. We went on our first date a couple days after that and have been inseparable since.

how they asked

We love traveling and try to visit new places yearly. These trips have been as simple as driving up to Michigan or flying to Lithuania. Every trip we take, I always find some ridiculous hiking trail, mountain, or local attraction that requires hours of walking, and me making my fiance take the trip with me.On our last trip we went to Saugatuck, Michigan (where we went on our first trip). We typically go the last weekend in October for their Halloween parade. We have always had nice weather except this last trip. This past trip it was cold and rainy preventing us from our typical sand dune hikes or visit to Oval Beach (we tried and lasted about two minutes with the rain and wind). We decided to drive a little further into town, where the wind had died down and it was less rainy. Driving, we found Mount Baldhead, an overlook of Saugatuck. To get to the top though, it required a 300 stair hike (which of course, I was all about). After what seemed 30 flights of stairs, my fiance proposed at the top overlooking the city, telling me he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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