Jamie and Rory

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how they asked

It was an usually warm day in February, he said that we were going to go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As we walked out the door a limo picked us up, he said our Valentine’s Day dinner would be in Chicago. After eating dinner at Cite which over looked the beautiful scenery of Chicago, he stated the limo wasn’t picking us up for the next hour so I asked what are we suppose to do for the next hour he suggested a walk down Navy Pier. As we walked down towards the end of Navy Pier, we reminisced on all the memories we had together. Once we reached the end we looked at the Chicago sky line and the song young and beautiful by Lana Del Ray began to play that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed.

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After we had our moment together, I noticed a photographer, after that he walked me around the statue where my best friend was sitting with a speaker which played our song and a short minute later he turned me around to show me where all our friends and family had been hiding.

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