Jamie and Robert

How We Met

To be honest, I don’t remember my first impression of Robert. I know we met in sixth grade and had mutual friends from then until we were juniors in high school. I remember one field trip in seventh grade where our carpool group was all exchanging phone numbers in case we got split up. Robert and I added each other’s more out of courtesy rather than expecting to actually use it. We spent the next four years eating lunch near each other, with the same people, without any real memorable interactions. One day our junior year we got into some debate at lunch that didn’t end by the time we had to go to class. He happened to still have my phone number and from then on out we haven’t been able to stop talking! Fast-forward seven years and we’ve survived five years of long distance, my time through nursing school and onto becoming a registered nurse, along with his journey through minor league and major league baseball. For most of the time we’ve been together, we were never in the same place together for longer than two weeks at a time. Somehow we made it work and we’ve grown up together, for each other, and supporting each other. I truly cannot imagine a future without him and am so happy I don’t have to!

how they asked

During our last weekend of high school we left a lock on a bridge in our hometown, unsure of what the future & time apart would bring. A few weeks ago, the same spot marked the beginning of the next big chapter in our lives. Today, we officially booked our wedding date and venue…somehow we had a feeling all those years ago that everything would work itself out just fine :)

Image 1 of Jamie and Robert