Jamie and Neil

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends a night out in Boston back in Summer 2012. Funny enough we went on one date, which I determined at the time was a bad date, and didnt move on to a second. We bumped into each other again at Figawi in Summer 2013, the stars aligned and the rest is history!

how they asked

The proposal was the morning before we were leaving for a vacation in St. John. The week leading up to this vacation was such a stressful week. Neil happened to be traveling for work all week so I was busy with work, last minute errands, and packing. I ended up getting sick that week as well and I was totally bumming. Neil flew in from Atlanta the night before the trip and went right to get a hair cut and didn’t get home until about 11PM. By the time he came home I was running around like a mad woman packing for us both so I didn’t pick up on his nervousness. Little did I know he had flown home and went right to my Mom’s house to get her blessing to ask me to marry him. We woke up at 5AM, running 20 minutes late per usual, so I was running around the house at full speed packing last minute items. I had ran to the car to drop my suitcase in the trunk, and as I ran (again, actually running, full speed) I ran right past Neil who was standing there on one knee!!

I heard him say “Jamie” and I turned around to find him on one knee, with tears in his eyes, he asked “Will you marry me.” I was so confused and surprised! It had crossed my mind that maybe he would propose on the beach on our tropical vacation, but not at 5AM at home on our way out the door to the airport!

Of course I said yes, we shared an emotional moment together, and then Neil explained a car was outside to pick us up, despite my original plan to drive to the airport. I am the planner in the relationship so I was totally surprised and impressed he had put this all together. We were whisked off to the airport and off to the Virgin Islands to enjoy an amazing first week engaged! It was so nice to have that week alone together virtually shut off from social media and the outside work, to disconnect and truly soak in the moment before returning home to celebrate with friends and family.

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