Jamie and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I went to the same high school but were never in the same circle of friends so we never spoke. I worked at the optometrists office he was a patient of after high school and he would always call and ask to come in when I was working but I was so uninterested I would always have my coworkers schedule his appointments for after I had left for the day. If i was the one to pick up his phone call I would pretend to be someone else! After a few years of this, we started attending the same local gym. Since we went to the same high school and our hometown isn’t the biggest, we were friends on Facebook where I saw him post something about a super obnoxious gym goer who I happened to see there as well. I commented on his post and “jump rope guy” being annoying and we got to chatting. He asked for my phone number so we could text and I was so reluctant to give it to him. My mom talked me into it so I did. We talked for hours and I laughed for the entire time because he was so funny. We started seeing each other exclusively in July 2014 and he popped the question 5 days before his birthday in September 2017. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

how they asked

Mike and I have been together since 2014. One weekend in September of 2017 he said he had to go to his brother’s house to help him cut down a tree in his backyard. I didn’t think anything of it and went about my day as usual. I went with my family to get lunch at our local Chipotle (my FAVORITE food). On our way out someone called after me and when I turned around it was Mike dressed up as a Chipotle employee!

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I walked past him 4 times without noticing to get forks and napkins! I was so confused because I thought he was at his brother’s house. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited I was shaking. I’m so excited to marry my clever, hilarious and handsome best friend!

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