Jamie and Matthew

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How We Met

My fiance and I met on a dating app. He had just been stationed at an Air Force base an hour away from me a few months before. We began talking all the time and made many attempts to meet up but it never worked out. It was hard because he worked night shifts and I traveled for my job. Since I wasn’t looking for anything serious we slowly lost touch. It wasn’t till about 6 months later he reached out again. We talked for about 2 months before we were able to meet. Once we had our first date, we knew right there this was special and we were both going to give it our all to make it work!

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how they asked

It was my 27th birthday, December 23rd 2017, we went and had a wonderful lunch with my Mom and Step Dad. After eating to much, Matt suggested we go walk it off. I agree and where do I suggest? Target of course, I’m a great multi tasker I can walk it off and shop. After my shopping, on the way home Matt suggests we make a quick stop at Veterans park right across from the neighborhood we live in. Knowing this is his usual place he goes for the Pokemon game, yes he is a nerd and I love it, we pull in. He gets out of the car and opens my door for me to get out as well. Haha not happening it’s too cold (I know poor guy) he finally convinces me and we begin to walk. At this park there are many memorials for all who served and as we walk he says, “isn’t your Dads name on here, will you show me?” Thinking that was sweet, I take him over and point it out as I turn back towards him he gets down on one knee and pops the question. My Dad passed away many years ago so asking for my hand in marriage wasn’t really an option. Finding a way to incorporate my Dad into this was by far the sweetest thing he could have done and just another reason why I love him. My father would have truly approved.

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