Jamie and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew always tells me that he feels as if I let him off easy with how I wanted him to propose to me. He says to me “every time I tell people It seems like a boring proposal.” He might think he had a boring proposal but I must say, in my opinion, it was absolutely perfect. If he really does finds it to be boring, at least we have a pretty awesome backstory.

We can both remember the exact moment we first met…

I was 10 years old and it was in September, the beginning of 5th grade. I was walking down the hall with my 2 girlfriends and this boy who was the same grade as me with this crazy long hair shouts out “Hey cool shirt!” I was wearing a black swansong Led Zeppelin shirt that day with blue jeans and my then very long never been damaged dirty blonde hair was down. I remember being caught off guard by him because he was very loud but at the same time 10 year old me felt cool that a boy had noticed something about me.

Maybe that wasn’t the exact first moment that we met since we weren’t properly introduced, but it was most definitely our first interaction with each other.

He ended up developing a crush on me as we remained friends all throughout the years until the end of 11th grade when he told me I either had to be his girlfriend or nothing at all because he didn’t want to be in the friend zone anymore. We didn’t talk after that so I guess you can guess what my answer was. Little did I know in that moment how he would have a lot to do with my future.

We then met up again a few years later at the age of 22 when he told me how he was still in love with me. I had so many butterflies in my stomach at that moment because I knew I loved him too. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

He would often ask me how I wanted to be proposed to and I always told him I wanted it to be very intimate and just the two of us. I told him how I wanted it to be in a moment where it just felt right.

I decided to rent a cabin in Big Bear Lake for his birthday weekend. I had planned for his friends and siblings to come up on the 2nd day and surprise him. That first night there on January 5th we were alone having a glass of wine and being our silly selves with each other. We came to a relaxing point as we were lying down in the bed staring into each other’s eyes telling one another how we are so in love and how we are so happy with one another. I could still feel that happiness in my heart just thinking about that moment. He started telling me about how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and how he has never and never will be able to love someone the way he loves me. I’m smiling at him because I’m so happy telling him how I feel the same way and he then interrupts me and tells me “I just need a guaranty from you” I was so confused. He then reaches over the bed and into his bag, comes around to my side of the bed and gets down on one knee and begins to tell me “Jamie I love more than anyone and there is nothing more I want for my birthday than for you to say yes. Will you marry me?” I was so happy I just jumped on him and squeezed him telling him yes! He then jokingly tells me “There’s a ring you know!” I had forgotten to look at the ring because I was so nervous and happy that all I wanted to do was hug him. It was exactly how I wanted it to be and exactly who I wanted it to be with. I didn’t cry at all until I called my mom right away (she knew about it the whole time) to tell her about it and she began to cry so then I cried as the reality of it all hit me and I had no other way to express my happiness. We then had the excitement of everyone showing up the next day to share our big news with.

I can now say I get to marry my best friend since middle school.

Who would had known then that the first interaction with that long haired boy was actually my first interaction with the man who I love more than anyone and will be spending the rest of my life with.

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