Jamie and Mathew

How We Met: Mathew and IImage 1 of Jamie and Mathew were friends for a year before he and I got together, we used to attend the same High School and had reconnected through his best friend.

We started seeing each other for a couple of weeks to test the waters and then on Christmas he decided to tell me how he really felt.

We had spent the day with my family having Christmas lunch and had headed back to his family home where we had planned to relax and watch movies together.

He gave me a my Christmas present but asked to “talk” before I opened it (I knew that didn’t sound good). He started saying that he enjoyed seeing me and it had been great but he just wasn’t sure if it wasn’t going to work out.
As you can imagine my heart was breaking into a million pieces and I wanted to run for the door but he insisted I opened my gift before I did or said anything. Ripping open the wrapping paper I found one of those tiny little Hallmark bears that said “Will you be my girlfriend”. I think I punched his arm a thousand times before I said yes.

how they asked: Saturday, 13th December 2014: Mathew and I had been planning a hike in the mountains for a few weeks as we hadn’t gone for a few months and we had moved closer to the city earlier in the year and it was now harder to get to.

We had found a quiet lookout spot in Wentworth falls and we had gone there a couple of times for a picnic lunch and to take photo’s so we decided to head there again and take the camera and tripod to get some candid photo’s.

We hiked our chosen trail and finally reached our spot, Mathew set up the camera and we posed for a few silly shots to make sure the angle was right. I was still checking out the view when Mathew came back from adjusting the camera, he started telling me how much he loved me and how we’ve had a great 4 years together, travelling and living in London, supporting each other through some of the harder times but always pulling through.

And then he said “and that’s why I want to spend the rest of my life with you” and I knew in that moment what was going, I was in complete shock! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! :)

Image 2 of Jamie and Mathew

All the while, the camera took photos capturing this very special moment.

Image 3 of Jamie and Mathew