Jamie and Mark

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How We Met

Mark and I met while working for the same company, Simply Mac. We were both assistant managers working in the same district. His store was in Massachusetts while mine was in Connecticut about 100 miles apart. As a store, we constantly would transfer product from one store to another but one day a customer was giving Mark a real hard time about the ripped plastic wrap on a box, claiming he would not purchase because the plastic was “opened”. Mark then proceeded to call my store to receive a product transfer for this customer because he did not have any left in stock. My service manager answered the phone for me and listened to Mark talk about how the customer was being difficult and needed this item asap. At this point, we had never met or never talked to each other before. I boxed up the transfer and printed the transfer sheet, but this time I added a post-it note and stuck it to the transfer sheet. The post-it note said, “In case no one told you, you are enough, you do enough, have a good day! <3 Jamie”

I’m Midwest born and raised, I know how much it sucks to get yelled at for things that are not your fault, I simply just wanted to make his day. As a district we used a group chat app called “Slack” so he sent me a direct message, “thank you so much, this made my whole day!” I didn’t really think much of it, I was like cool, glad I could do a little act of kindness and went about my day. A few days later a product arrived at my store from his physician, but not in our computer system. So I reached out in Slack and said hey, is there a way to fix this between us or do we need upper management?

(We did need upper management but we were at the bottom of their to-do list soo.. about a week went by…) We had been talking constantly this whole week, stayed up way too late, it was seriously like high-school crush staying up till 3 am talking and waking up and texting each other first thing in the morning. I gave my number to Mark so we could stop talking over the app and it was still a constant conversation between us. He asked me out on a date and drove the 100+ miles to my apartment to take me on it! We went out for wings + beer and laughed pretty much the whole night. We had been seeing each other for about a month when I had to go home to Iowa, and that is when we made it official as dating! We flew home again in September for him to meet my family and see the midwest for the first time! We are professional wedding photographers and so excited to plan our day after planning our client’s weddings! Mark saved my post-it note and it’s now framed in our house!

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how they asked

Mark asked me to marry him while we were in Massachusetts! His parents live there, and that is where he grew up. Mark had asked me where the post-it notes were earlier that day and I really didn’t think much of it! We had a private proposal, where he bent down on one need and asked, “Will you marry me Jamie?” with the post-it and the ring! The first thing I blurted out was, “Wait! You didn’t ask my dad?” But once I realized he was seriously asking me a split second later I tackled him and said yes!

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We then grabbed Mark’s brother, he took a few photos on our camera with our new post-it note! We celebrated with Mark’s whole family afterward! It all started with a post-it, and I think it’s our new tradition now.

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Special Thanks

Jamie Tobin
 | Photographer