Jamie and Mark

Where to Propose in In our apartment living room

How We Met

Mark and I met at work about five years ago. I was a social worker at an out-patient clinic for a hospital in New Jersey. We heard one day that a new male nurse practitioner would be starting and he made his rounds and met everyone. He was SO CUTE. He started working with us and I was smitten by how he treated our patients. He was kind, spoke to them and learned about their lives, was empathetic to their medical conditions and was so warm. I told myself- wow if this guy treats his patients like this, how would he treat his girlfriend. Apparently he felt the same about me-starting commenting on my Instagram posts and asked for my phone number. We couldn’t stop talking since then- he asked me on a date, he insisted to pick me up at my apartment and refused to let me meet him there.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In our apartment living room

Jamie and Mark's Engagement in In our apartment living room

Since that first date on July 16th, 2015- we have not been apart. We asked our director if this was okay and she approved of us dating since it wasn’t a conflict. We even made a flirty contract that first week about different things we want in a relationship- one of them being that Mark can only be 30 minutes late to events and that we would go with the flow and never doubt, just enjoy the moment. We both signed this contract and it all began. There, of course, have been ups and downs in our relationship and we have needed to learn each other’s communication styles, etc, but he has made me a better and more patient person. He has balanced me, supported me and is just as kind and warm towards me as he is with his patients. I am so lucky to have him in my life and so happy that cute nurse walked into my life five years ago.

How They Asked

At 11:11 pm on October 30th, 2019, all my wishes came true. Ever since high school I would always wish at that time if I was awake, it was a really meaningful time for me for over ten years. That night, I fell asleep around 10 pm and Mark said he had some work to do. I was sleeping in a ripped inside out tee-shirt, no makeup, messy hair and Mark woke me up. He grabbed my hand and told me he had to show me something. I literally felt like I was floating and in a dream. He brought me into our dark living room, with Taylor Swift’s, Untouchable playing in the background with roses and a sign lit up saying “will you marry me”.

We kissed and kissed and kissed- I could barely react it didn’t feel real. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I am still honestly speechless and think I am dreaming. Taylor Swift has been my favorite and he told me listened to every song until one made sense to him, he picked the lyrics from this song because it goes, “in the middle of the night when I’m in this dream, it’s like a million little stars spelling out your name.

You got to come on, come on, say that we’ll be together. Come on, come on, little taste of heaven.” After I said yes, he goes there is one more thing. He pulled out a new contract with the most beautiful stipulations including an “oval and gold” one with the most beautiful words. We both signed this and entered into our new journey together. It was the most perfect, sentimental, sweet proposal that was so me and more than I ever dreamed of. Let’s just say I totally couldn’t go back to sleep!