Jamie and Mario's Family Photo Proposal

Jamie and Mario Family Photo Proposal (8)How We Met: It was 2011, I was attending San Jose State and Mario was attending Glenville State in West Virginia. We were both home for winter break and invited to a party after New Year’s by our mutual friend Dwight. Mario and I went to the same high school and ran track together so we knew of each other but weren’t friends or formally introduced back then. At the party, the guys started playing the girls in kings cup and beer pong. As the night went on, the party side of us continued to go on. Towards the end of the night it ended up just the two of us playing the games against each other. Our strong personalities wouldn’t let the other know who was first to commence the flirting. I say he started flirting with me that night and he says I started flirting with him, who knows who did first, but that’s how it all began. We were long distance dating for a while when we both returned back to our schools. We would see each other on breaks and when we weren’t both in CA then we would stay up all night long talking on Skype and Facebook. Mario, being on the other side of the county, I would ask him isn’t it late right now for you and he would say “so, this is worth every moment”. Finally, Mario moved back to CA in December of 2011 and asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history :)

how they asked: My fiance is romantic and enjoys playing jokes on me, two of the reasons why I love him. For our two year anniversary he made me a scrapbook of our love story and on the last page it said “To Be Continued” so I knew he would eventually propose. Well, he didn’t want me to suspect when it would happen, so he began playing jokes on me. When we would come home he would make me close my eyes as we walked into our apartment and of course, there would be no reason why. In March we were getting ready to go on a family vacation to Mammoth, as we were packing he was acting different. He wouldn’t let me use his suitcase so I started getting suspicious and I called my mom. My mom told me that there was no way he was asking this weekend because he had not asked my dad yet. I stopped being suspicious and on our last night in Mammoth my sister told me we were going to do family photos at 6pm on the stage in downtown Mammoth, which is totally normal for my family because her husband is a professional photographer.

While we were taking photos, my brother-in-law told me it was mine and Mario’s turn. We were taking photos casually and then he said “now, love birds look at each other.” ​Once I looked at Mario, in that very moment, I knew what was about to happen and immediately started to cry. He grabbed my hands and told me how beautiful I am and how being with me is like living in a fairytale. As he reached into his peacoat, I looked over at my mom and just smiled, of course while still crying. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I honestly couldn’t believe he planned the whole proposal with my entire family and that I suspected nothing. It was the perfect surprise and more then I could have ever imagined. The fact that I got to experience this moment with all my loved ones made it even more special.

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Photography by Nick Charrow Photography