Jamie and Luke

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How We Met

Luke & I met in late 2014. We both worked for the same company. We enjoyed working together and at first were “work” friends. After a few months of getting to know each other, we learned that we had a lot in common. We both loved art, antiques, animals and traveling. Also, we both are total, hard core, Star Wars fans! We also had many future goals in common, owning rental properties, flipping real estate, buying land and living off of that land. In late February of 2015, we went on out first official date. I had gone through several rough years (like 20 of them!!!) but … 2011- 2014, I lost my mother to breast cancer, dealt with my own medical issues, struggled with major financial issues, and all while suffering the consequences of, and getting out of a toxic relationship. By the of 2014, I was exhausted, broken, and defeated. BUT… then, there was Luke! Everyday, greeting me with his sweet smile and a “Mornin’ Sunshine!” He was always kind, always positive and always happy to see me. It was easy to see his amazing work ethic, his integrity, and how honorable he is. There was undeniable chemistry!! In June of 2015, we moved in together. For as long as I could remember, I had never felt so safe, so loved. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t completely frightened of the future! Luke has become my safe haven, my best friend, my heart!

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how they asked

For 40th birthday, I wanted to take a cruise. I had never done that before, so we made the arrangements and off we went! It was amazing! While on the cruise, June 30, 2017(my birthday) I was under the impression that we were taking photos with the beautiful sunset behind us. My Dad (taking the photo) acted as though he had messed up his camera phone and needed my help. I went to see what was wrong, but before I got to him, he said “Nevermind, I got it.” I turned around to get back into position for the photo and… There was Luke, on his knee, proposing!❤? Yes! A thousand times, I’ll be your wife!

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