Jamie and Jonathan

Jamie's Proposal in Buehler Vineyards

How We Met

Our story started long before we actually met. I graduated high school in Las Vegas and was deciding where I wanted to attend college. My first university choice was in Seattle, Washington. Unknowingly, Jonathan just moved there from Saint Helena, California, and for some reason, I knew it was where I wanted to go. The day before my graduation, my parents told me the finances weren’t right for that college. I had to defer admission and choose somewhere more affordable. I settled in Santa Barbara, which was a gorgeous choice, and I spent the next two years there. Although I had such a great time with all the new friends I made, the university was undergoing many budget cuts in my major. I made another last-minute decision to transfer to a random private school I never heard of in the Napa Valley, to accompany my cousin in his first year of school. Meanwhile, Jonathan was having problems in Seattle and was forced to move back to his hometown of St. Helena around this same time.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Buehler Vineyards

At my new college in the valley, I opted for a private room in the dorms and ended up making friends with my neighbor and now-best-friend Grace. She liked to go out into town to hang out with her friends, and I was usually reluctant to join her. She ended up meeting Jonathan at a local bar and they became friends immediately. Grace often invited me to hang out with them, but I chose to stay in and study every time. About a year passed, and Grace and I decided to move into a house together. She needed supplies to build her crafty Pinterest furniture and asked to borrow my car to gather everything from Jonathan’s house. We drove up together and this “house” ended up being Buehler Vineyards! I was so amazed at how gorgeous the property was, and we explored the grounds until Jonathan arrived. When he finally showed up, he gave Grace and I a tour of the ranch. I was so excited! My first wine tour during harvest and from such a handsome guy!

About a week later, Jonathan met Grace and I in St. Helena for a local fair that was happening. Grace had to leave early for work, so it ended up being Jonathan and I hanging out that night. Jonathan invited me to dinner, and that became our first date! We started hanging out more and more. We had lots of barbeques with friends at his house and lots of date trips to San Francisco. We became inseparable.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason things didn’t work out in Seattle for either of us. There was a reason I randomly decided to move to Napa out of the blue. Later down in our relationship, Jonathan told me he felt love at first sight when I visited his house for the first time. Everything was meant to be, and I’m so glad its all still happening. I am such a lucky girl.

Views driving up the hill

how they asked

Over the past few weeks, Jonathan was working like crazy. I hadn’t spent much time with him between my new schedule and his sales trips and all the working he was doing up at the vineyards. I decided to plan a small weekend trip to visit him and hang out with my friends still living in Saint Helena. On Saturday, I went out to brunch with Allison and Micaela at their favorite – Archetype!, and then we went wine tasting for the afternoon. Jonathan wanted to spend the later part of the day together, so I left the ladies and drove up to Buehler Vineyards to see him.

The secret pond we rode to on the back of the ATV... and Jonathan taking it all in.

He was cleaning up after a tour (that he faked to buy him time to set up). Jonathan said he wanted to show me some of the recent work him and his friend Jorge had done around the property, so I hopped on the back of his 4-wheeler and we were off.

The secret pond we rode to on the back of the ATV.

He took me up the hill behind the vines through a narrow path, and showed me all the trees he cleared so we could reach a secret pond on the property. It was so green and beautiful (as it had been raining all week except for today)! We hiked around it taking pictures and were just being goofballs. Soon after that, we got back onto the quad and drove further up the hill dodging tree branches, rocks, and speeding through the windy path to the very top of the hill. I absolutely love it atop that hill because that was where we had one of our most special dates as a new boyfriend-girlfriend couple a few years ago… not to mention the view is breathtaking! After hanging out at the top of Mt. Buehler for a short while, I was walking around taking pictures when Jonathan started rolling down the hill yelling.

The best view of the valley and Buehler Vineyards

After catching himself, I thought he was really hurt (which he wasn’t, sort of) so I rushed to his aide half worried and half giggly (because I started expecting his intentions). He started telling me how much he loved me and the person I was and then –drumroll– asked me to marry him!!! And I said yes!!! He hid a bottle of Dom Perignon in a nearby tree, and we drank champagne for the rest of the afternoon overlooking the most gorgeous view of the Napa Valley.


Surprise champagne!

I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful or more special proposal. I am so overwhelmed with crazy excitement and so much love for this man. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him, my other half, my best friend, my soulmate, my love forever and ever.