Jamie and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I grew up in the same small town (>2,000 people). Growing up, he was friends with the kids that lived down my street, and I was friends with his cousins. We’re a few years apart in age, so we didn’t really know each other. Fast forward a few years, I’m away in college and he is working on his career and living in our hometown. As many 21st century love stories, we connected via social media and our hears connected instantly. I was moving home in a few weeks to begin grad school and little did I know, a whirlwind romance. Jonathan and I dated for two weeks before moving in together. I’m not sure I’d recommend this to anyone else (I like to think we are the exception, rather than the rule) but for us, in that moment it felt so right. We’ve been dating (and living together) for a little over 3 years now – sharing our love with one another, our two dogs Roux and Tallulah, and our mini pig, Nina.

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how they asked

I’ve had a terrible sense of wanderlust for as long as I can remember. I started traveling abroad at a young age, and after meeting Jonathan, was so eager for him to experience all the world has to offer. When I began my career, I told him, “That’s it! I’m saving and we’re going to Europe!.” I’d been to Paris twice and had been completely in awe both times. So, I planned a trip for us to visit Paris and Lake Como. How our schedules worked out, we’d celebrate our 3rd “dateiversary” while abroad. Prior to leaving, everyone I knew asked if I thought Jonathan would propose while on our trip. We had talked about marriage and our future frequently, so it wasn’t that far-fetched, right? Any suspicion I had however, was because of the ideas I dreamed up of being in my favorite place with my favorite person. The little suspicion I had was absolutely depleted when I basically packed his suitcase for our trip and was CERTAIN there was no way a ring got packed. None of the ideas I dreamed up could ever compare to the night Jonathan proposed.

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That evening, we had taken a scenic dinner cruise around the city in a glass-top boat. It was a beautiful night. We saw it all from the Seine – the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre, Musee d’Orsay! After we departed the boat, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. We were about half-way through our time in Paris, and this was my request nearly every evening. We sat in the grass of Champs de Mars and waited to see the Eiffel Tower light up. As the sun set, the Eiffel Tower gleamed in the dusky sky. Jonathan got up, and pulled me with him. And right there, in the place I love, the man I love asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. It got even better! Jonathan (and a little help from his sister) had booked a photographer and arranged an engagement session the following morning. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing! My third time in Paris was definitely the charm!

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